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Our Commitment

We’re committed to creating an inclusive, robust, easily accessible platform for all audiences. We strive towards excellence and aim to meet Level AA standard from the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1.

We work hard on filling the gaps by updating our platform. We also collaborate with content creators to ensure stories remain accessible to all. We’ll continue to make necessary adjustments with time as we make improvements.

Site Features

Our goal is to provide everyone with the same experience, ease of use and level of access.

  • Each page of this site is easy to navigate. On every page, you can access the “skip to main content” link.
  • Our stories mostly begin with an H1 heading, followed by a logical order of information.
  • It zooms up to 300% without any turbulence.
  • Updated design elements are present as they provide improved contrast and navigability.
  • We have captions in our video players, and we’ve continuously worked on improving the video quality with support from screen readers.
  • Accessible labels are needed for advertisements. We don’t believe in hiding content, in case you utilize ad blockers. We’ve encouraged our partners to provide captions in the sponsored videos.
  • Social sharing menus and newsletter subscription forms are increasingly used. We send text alternatives to Facebook and Twitter if you choose to share a story with alt text images.

How We Test Our Site

We use all modern browsers to review our sites.

In future, we will work on developing a suite of automated accessibility test to support the flag issues with our site.

Future Plans

In the upcoming months, you can expect to see vast improvements.

    • Improved site navigation
    • Updated contact forms
    • Organized elements when utilizing the keyboard to navigate
    • Improved legibility with text spacing
    • Site navigation

We wish to continue collaborating with content creators that create improved and more inclusive stories. We ensure that these stories stay accessible to people with disabilities. To make this possible, the following changes can be witnessed.

      • Captions for videos
      • Text description for ads
      • The choice to reduce motion in ads and other interactive stories

We wish to make this platform better and easily navigable, so continue to expect further improvements.

Contact Us

In case you have any queries regarding our accessibility, you can contact us on

Please, don’t forget to mention all the details about our site and the assistive technology you’re using to gain access.

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