iOS 14 Has Widgets That Remind Us of Live Tiles

Years ago, Microsoft
introduced a unique type of storing apps on the home screen of its Windows
Phone. It appealed to the users because of Live Tiles, animated widgets that
moved around, and it quickly became a benchmark of display in the tech world.

Source: The Verge

Apple users desperately waited for the company to do something similar and
almost ten years later, with iOS 14, it has added the feature of widgets on the
home screen.


With Live Tiles,
Microsoft users were able to see information on the home screen and you could
pin those apps to anywhere on the display because they were able to move. The
colorful animation also made the screen quite vibrant and the company was
appreciated for bringing something new to the phone displays. The feature was
so important to Microsoft that they hired celebrities like Gwen Stefani to
promote it.

Source: Apple

We cannot say that
Apple has copied Microsoft but most features of widgets have been heavily
inspired by Live Tiles. For instance, the UI tweaks, the addition of folders,
some dock changes, and most importantly a static row of app icons widgets have
a stark resemblance to the Live Tiles.


With Apple’s widgets
you will be able to see what song is playing, see images from your
camera roll, use clocks for multiple time zones and keep a check on the
weather forecast simultaneously.


Bias in AI Database Whitewashes Obama

Intelligence has always been known for its biases and this time we found how it
shamelessly whitewashes a person of color. For instance, if you put a pixelated
image of Obama, a black man, into an algorithm that turns it into a
high-resolution picture, you will get a white man.


discrimination is not just against Obama. If you use the same software for congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or Lucy Liu, the resulting images are of
white women. A Twitter user pointed out the AI bias saying, “This image
speaks volumes about the dangers of bias in AI.”


So what
does this indicate about AI?


program used to generate such images is called PULSE, a technique that is
recognized as upscaling to process visual data. So this software which was developed
by NVIDIA’s researchers is responsible for all the real human images you
see on internet sites like


technology became popular but critics pointed to the fact that whenever we
generate high-resolution pictures of depixelated images the result is almost
always a Caucasian face. “It does appear that PULSE is producing white faces
much more frequently than faces of people of color,” tells the algorithm’s
creators on Github. “This bias is likely inherited from the dataset StyleGAN
was trained on […] though there could be other factors that we are unaware



This issue is common when it comes to machine learning but it can only occur
when you have trained the AI system on white faces. The recent image of Obama
has started a debate among AI academics, researchers and engineers especially
in light of the recent BLM movement.


The faces were generated by using “the same concept and the same StyleGAN model” but various search methods to Pulse, stated Klingemann, who says it is not right to judge an algorithm from just a few samples. “There are probably millions of
possible faces that will all reduce to the same pixel pattern and all of them
are equally ‘correct,’” he tells The Verge


Raji, another researcher in AI accountability, told The Verge that this kind of bias is all too typical in the AI
world. “Given the basic existence of people of color, the negligence of not
testing for this situation is astounding, and likely reflects the lack of
diversity we continue to see with respect to who gets to build such systems,”
says Raji. “People of color are not outliers. We’re not ‘edge cases’ authors
can just forget.”


obviously, AI databases need to do better. One researcher Vidushi Marda,
responded on Twitter to the white faces produced by the algorithm and summed up
the argument quite accurately, “In case it needed to be said explicitly – This
isn’t a call for ‘diversity’ in datasets or ‘improved accuracy’ in performance
– it’s a call for a fundamental reconsideration of the institutions and
individuals that design, develop, deploy this tech in the first place.”


Can ARM based Chips Replace Intel and AMD?

Apple has always marketed the ARM-based chips
as super-efficient. In 2018, the tech company said that its latest iPad Pro was much faster than 92% of all portable PCs and it was a given that it would soon
replace all the processors with ARM-based chips.

Source: Apple

But are those chips efficient enough to
support all the devices? Can they replace AMD and Intel processors? This
question has a vague answer as during Apple’s 2020 WWDC, the developers’
avoided a definitive reply to the query.

Apple has always talked about its fast ARM
processor but these claims were absent from the conference which did not sit
well with us.

Source: Apple

However, the company did show how the processor operates and a low-power ARM
desktop could be seen handling a range of power user apps on Mac such as:

-Adobe Photoshop, Versions of Microsoft Office, and Lightroom natively running on ARM

-Rotating around a photorealistic stone face in Cinema 4D

-Three streams of simultaneous 4K Pro Res video
in Final Cut Pro

-Rotating around a 6-million polygon scene in
Autodesk’s Maya animation studio, with textures and shaders on top

-Rendering effects in the Unity game engine

-The games Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Dirt:
Rally running on Mac smoothly (but at low-ish resolution and detail)

Source: Apple

Thanks to Apple’s Rosetta 2 conversion software, Apple’s ARM-powered Macs can now automatically translate a few existing Intel apps.

So overall, it seems like Apple is hiding
something about the processor and wants us to wait for future results. One
thing that would make future Apple computers better is high speed but if they
fail to deliver this promise, then the company might lose its credibility due
to the ARM-based chips.


Scientists Find Links Between Covid-19 and Blood Types

According to a new
study conducted by a team of European scientists, a person’s vulnerability to
get coronavirus might depend on blood types and their DNA.


The research has been
published in the New England Journal of Medicine and its analysis explains why
some people exhibit more severe symptoms while others barely even get the flu.

Source: Medical Net

The researchers say those people who have type A blood group might be more prone to acquiring the Covid-19 as they show severe symptoms compared to other blood types. Meanwhile,
the people with the lowest risk of exhibiting symptoms are those with type O


Now it is not a given
that if you have a specific type of blood, you will definitely fall into the
category sorted by the scientists but the research has set some genetic
variations common in patients who were extremely sick. So while the blood
type might be a reason for the symptoms, the severity of the cases could very
well be due to the weak immune system.

Source: Business

The difference noted by the scientists might not be effective in the prevention but
as far as vaccines and other medicines are concerned, they could be altered
accordingly for the people with genetic modification.


Who Will Russia Side With: India or China?

India and China are
both facing a war-like situation as the tensions on the border have
intensified. The question that arises among this chaos is, which country will
Russia side with since both of them have been close allies of the USSR in the

Source: Tribune India

India’s Defense
Minister Rajnath Singh has gone to Russia on a three-day trip to meet the high
military officials of the country. Singh will also participate in the grand
military parade organized to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Soviet
victory over Nazi Germany in the second world war.


The visit of Rjanath
Singh is quite strategic as it comes immediately after China and India had a
clash in the Ladakh region.


Before leaving for
Russia, Singh tweeted, “Leaving for Moscow on a three-day visit. The visit to
Russia will give me an opportunity to hold talks on ways to further deepen the
India-Russia defense and strategic partnership. I shall also be attending the
75th Victory Day Parade in Moscow.”


Source: Twitter

The Indian military
officials say that even before the tension with China escalated, Singh was
scheduled to visit Russia because of their strong and historic military ties.


For many years now,
India has avoided all the important defense deals presented to it. They have
used financial excuses among others to deny the multi-utility helicopters that
were supposed to be built in India but the construction has not started since


Russia says, “If India
had these helicopters ready, then the soldiers who died due to lack of medical
help in the Galwan Valley could have been saved easily”.


Experts say that the
Indian government is the major cause of delay in these deals because many
investors from Russia had started to question the seriousness of the
authorities as far as the defense is concerned. Sukhoi and MIG aircraft are the
vital weapons of the Indian Air Force but due to their own reasons, the current
government has not given any heads up for buying these products.

Source: Hindu

If you dig deep into
the matter, you will realize that experts have posted a lot of reports on how
the US has warned India against doing any sort of arms or defense deals with
Russia and this has scared the financial sector of the country, especially
because they heavily rely on trade with America.


According to experts —
“The visit of the Defense Minister is also an opportunity to strengthen the
strategic partnership between the two countries, apart from the India-Russia
defense partnership”.


On the other hand, some
experts believe that Russia is a weak power now and it needs China’s support to
survive in case of any tension in the country. So, India should also understand
that Russia might not be able to openly side with its forces and the eventual
power will only rest with the US who can come and ask the forces in Beijing to
stop their operation in Ladakh.


Michael Keaton to Return as Batman in the New Flash Movie

We have
some good news for all the DC fans! Michael Keaton might be returning to the
screens for his role as the Dark Knight in Warner Bros. and DC Comics’ upcoming
Flash movie.

The Verge

famously played Gotham’s vigilante in Tim Burton’s Batman movies from the 90s
so obviously, fans are super excited about his return. Ezra Miller will be
picking the role of Barry Allen while The Hollywood Reporter says that Micheal
Keaton can also reprise the role in “several other DC-oriented film projects”.


tell THR that the role being
envisioned for the veteran actor is akin to the role played by Samuel Jackson
as Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, something of a mentor or guide
or even string-puller,” as per the Hollywood Reporter, including the upcoming Batgirl movie of Warner Bros.


Justice League, Ezra Miller played Flash, and Ben Affleck was cast as Batman.
So the question is how the same Flash can meet two distinctive Batmen? The answer
probably lies in Flash’s ability to time travel as the movie is based on the
Flashpoint comic arc where Barry Allen travels to a different universe and the
current version of the JL does not exist.

The Nerdist

The role
of Batman has always seen multiple actors even within the same era. Right now,
Robert Pattinson is working on the production of The Batman directed by Matt
Reeves. He would play a younger version of Bruce Wayne and the storyline would
revolve around the greater DC Extended Universe.


Keaton’s role is not formed yet but we would definitely find out in two months
as the DC Comics’ upcoming FanFare event would take place on August 22nd.


Microsoft is Partnering With Facebook Gaming

has decided to shut down its Mixer service right on July 22nd and collaborate with
Facebook Gaming. This means that Mixer partners as well as streamers will be
transferred to Facebook Gaming now and Mixer won’t be present for


decision comes after the report that Microsoft has failed to compete in a
market that already has Youtube, Twitch and Facebook Gaming.

The Verge

started pretty far behind, in terms of where Mixer’s monthly active viewers
were compared to some of the big players out there,” says Phil Spencer,
Microsoft’s head of gaming. “I think the Mixer
community is really going to benefit from the broad audience that Facebook has
through their properties, and the abilities to reach gamers in a very seamless
way through the social platform Facebook has.”


From July 22nd, all the
sites of Mixer and applications will automatically direct the users to Facebook
Gaming. The partners that were operating with Mixer will be shifted to Facebook
and players who were using the monetization program of Mixer will be earning eligibility
for Facebook’s Level Up program. Mixer viewers with outstanding Ember balances, Mixer Pro subscriptions or channel subscriptions will receive Xbox gift card

Source: The

A lot of
experts have appreciated the decision and called it wise because Microsoft is
looking for a way to expand the appeal of its upcoming xCloud game streaming
service. The tech company will closely work with Facebook to bring xCloud to
Facebook Gaming to gain more users for the site.


had to choose between cutting Mixer off, selling it off, or even investing more
money without having a guarantee that it would attract users. “It wasn’t as
much about return on sell, it was about finding a partnership that was the best
things for the community and streamers,” explains Spencer. “We think this is it, and it gives us a great place to launch
more xCloud content and give gamers the ability to play from there.”


xCloud streaming, Microsoft is aiming for two billion gamers but Mixer is not
popular enough to support the new service. “When we think about xCloud and the
opportunity to unlock gameplay for 2 billion players, we know it’s gonna be
critically important that our services find large audiences and Facebook
clearly gives us that opportunity,” says Spencer.


about the partnership with Facebook, Spencer said, “The teams are physically
actually close to each other, we’ve been to each other’s offices. You’ll see us
continuing to grow this relationship… This will be the beginning of us seeing
future opportunities together. I think we have a lot of alignment between the
organizations on areas where the industry is going and how we can help each


AirPods is Also Getting Updates!

At WWDS, Apple
announced that new features are being introduced for its AirPods earbuds this
year. You can now automatically switch between devices and with the new
“Spatial Audio”, the sound will be available in 3D on the AirPods.

Source: The Verge

The feature of
automatic switching will be added to the AirPods Pro, Powerbeats, second-generation
AirPods, Powerbeats Pro and Beats Solo Pro in a firmware update. So
if your iPad reconnects to your iPhone and you switch on your laptop, the audio
will automatically switch over to the laptop.


Along with this, the
new Spatial feature will have 3D sounds to give you a “movie theatre
experience”. If you are listening to music, the sound will constantly
recalibrate with respect to the position of your head, no matter what device you’re


The release date for
this update has not been revealed yet.


Everything You Need to Know About the New iOS 14!

So iOS 14 has finally
been revealed at WWDC 2020 and we have listed all the features that would be
present in the software.

Source: Apple

One news that we are
most excited about is that Apple is bringing widgets to the home screen on its
devices. Widgets are available in different sizes and right now, you can see
them in the Today view. In iOS 14, however, the widget is present on the main screen
and lives right alongside other applications. Apple has created a widget
gallery on the screen and that will allow you to customize them according to
your wish.


A new “App Library” has
also been added to the update and this means your apps will automatically be
organized into groups and lists. With the new view, all your applications would
not be on display and would instead be secure in a folder present on the home
screen. It is quite similar to the app drawer that Android launched earlier.

Source: Apple

The new system-wide
picture-in-picture feature has also been making headlines in the tech world as
this is something a lot of people were expecting from Apple. Just like macOS,
you will now be able to stream videos while carrying out other operations on
your phones.


Siri also contains a
new view on iOS 14. Right now, Siri takes over your entire screen when you
activate the assistant but with the new update, a small overlay at the bottom
of the display will be enough to activate Siri. The digital assistant can also
send audio messages along with dictated messages now.


Apple has also
introduced a new Translation application just like Google Translate. So now
if you type in a message, you will be able to translate them into 11 languages
namely English, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese,
Korean, Arabic, Portuguese and Russian.

Source: Apple

iOS 14 will be launched
in the fall and we are all desperately waiting on the new updates as this time,
Apple has worked really hard to make the operations of the software smooth for
the users. The update will work on the iPhone6S and up. 


You Can Change Default Email and Browsers in iOS 14

Apple’s annual
Worldwide Developers Conference revealed a lot of important information this
year. One of the updates that have excited the tech world is that Apple will
now allow iOS users to easily change the default email as well as web browser apps with
the release of new iOS 14.


Source: Apple

Right now, if you want to send an email, your Apple device opens up the Safari apps or Apple Mail because they are set as defaults. Many users considered
this a problem because not everyone uses these mediums for mail and web.


Apple introduced
third-party email clients like Gmail and Spark and web browsers like Chrome. So
now, with the new iOS 14, you will be able to set those apps as default.


We do not blame you if
you missed this feature from the Conference since Apple was quite subtle about
it and barely mentioned it. However, it is listed in the new Settings option so
you can check it out there.


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