Face Mask Shortage Alert! Ways To Grab Face Mask During Current Supply Shortage

  • POSTED ON: 05/Nov/2020

With the continuous surge in coronavirus cases and another lockdown looming over our heads, it’s no surprise that the personal protective equipment (PPE) has once again been swept off the shelves.

As the healthcare system still struggles to fight off the unprecedented challenge of the coronavirus outbreak, many healthcare personnel on the front lines do not have adequate protection or they fail to get the face mask.

It’s like they are in a war with no ammo…

Borris Johnson has already announced a month-long lockdown in the UK and people have started panic-buying AGAIN making things to go short on supply, including face mask supplies!

While it may seem that this small piece of clothing over your face can’t really prevent you from contracting the virus, the C.D.C advise of wearing a mask is mostly based on recent studies showing that a large number of people with COVID-19 don’t show any symptoms.

And even those who eventually show symptoms usually pass the virus to others before their symptoms appear. As a result, wearing a face mask, alongside other necessary precautions such as social distancing, helps stop the transmission and keep coronavirus at bay!

In response to the increasing surge in face masks’ demand, many designers have started rolling out face masks (stylish ones, especially) with some of those taking into account CDC recommendations of an ideal face gear.

So, if your local store runs short on face masks, and you have nowhere to find them or you are wondering where to buy one then don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! Here’s where you can still find facemasks according to your need:

1. Cryalo

If your child throws a fit on you and refuses to wear face masks, Cryalo’s colorful masks will definitely make them have a change of heart!

2. Onzie

Onzie, an activewear company, used its yoga clothing material to produce breathable and quick-drying face masks. They are extremely comfortable with thick-layered covering, which is also reusable and has elastic ear straps to hold it firmly in place. 

3. Perry Ellis Reusable Pleated Woven Fabric Face Masks

4. Levi’s

The denim pundits at Levi's have whirled Americana twists into their reusable face masks, as they produce paisley prints similar to ones we’ve seen on bandanas.

5. Etsy

Etsy is featuring multiple varieties for cloth face masks with a variety of styles, colors, and designs. So make sure you’re reading descriptions thoroughly on their website before purchasing one.

6. Cotton Cute Mouth Face Mouth Cover

7. House of Perna

Made with cotton and two layers of non-woven interfacing, Amanda Perna wants buyers to design their own DIY mask for everyday use. The brand has also decided to donate masks to medical workers on behalf of their clients. 

8. Reformation

Reformation, a popular clothing brand among celebs, launched a new line of face masks earlier this month. The multi-pack comes with 5 reusable face masks made from a lightweight rayon and viscose fabric fusion. The brand is also committed to donate face masks to ‘LA protects’ with each purchase of the pack. 

9. 5 Pack Protective Covers

10. Casetify

This face mask has a special pocket dedicated to insert an optional filter. The filter blocks several harmful particles from smog, pollen, and vehicle smoke with 5 added layers of filtration. Casetify includes two disposable filters with each face mask.

11. Tory Burch

This face mask comes with the brand's signature peppy prints with an adjustable clip to keep it firmly placed on your nose. You know, Tory Burch won’t be making a profit on these masks! Each face mask is available for only $10, and that too, will divide among the International Medical Corps and the Tory Burch Foundation, a firm for empowering women across the country. 

12. Vida

Available in 9 colors, the face masks are made with two cotton layers with a pocket space for an optional filter. With adjustable ear straps and a metal nose bridge, this mask guarantees a snug fit for every wearer from ages 5 and up. 

13. Custom Ink

These face masks are made with a blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. The best part is: you can even customize your own face mask’s design. A pack of 12 is available for only $30!

Regardless of whatever mask you end up purchasing, make sure that it complies with CDC recommendations! Don’t forget to wear your masks when going out for groceries and other outdoor activities. Make sure to wash your hands after removing your mask. Be safe!

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