The Master of Handheld Gaming Consoles: Nintendo

With the launch of Nintendo Switch Lite, Nintendo has come full circle on its handheld consoles pedigree. While the original Switch launched last July can be considered as a portable console in a way, it wasn’t exactly worthy of being considered a standalone portable gadget. Nonetheless, Nintendo is undeniably the leading gaming console manufacturer when […]

Tesla Makes Its Marks with Record Number of Delivered Cars

For long people have speculated whether Tesla will be able to sustain itself in the automotive industry, given all the lawsuits and other complications the company has had to face in the recent years. But lo and behold, it seems that Tesla has finally emerged victorious despite all, and they have a record number of […]

Seth Rogen Responds To the Underage Kid Arrested With a ‘Mclovin’ Fake ID

Daniel Alfredo was courageous enough to not only get the Mclovin ID created but also used it to purchase alcohol. The police approached the 20-year-old in the bar in Iowa, early morning Friday.  The police allegedly found Daniel sipping a drink. Initially, he refused to provide the officers with his ID, but when he was […]

Kim Jong-Un Strides Through the Snows of Mt. Paektu In His Extravagant Display of Power

The already controversial leader has made its way to the headlines yet again. Kim Jong-un in his pretentious grandeur was seen through the sacred inclines of Mt. Paektu, on an extravagant white stallion. Mt. Paektu is among the highest most sacred of territories on the Korean peninsula, also known to be the birthplace of Kim […]

Lock Him Up!” Chants Followed Trump at the World Series

Booing is an integral ritual of the baseball world, and this practice spares no one, not even American President Donald Trump. On 27th October 2019, Trump showed up at Nationals Park to enjoy the match between Houston Astros and Washington Nationals in World Series’ Game 5. He was accompanied by his wife and other officials, […]

Facebook Cameras Are Disapproved By the General Public: A Major Revelation!

Although it may come as a major shock, people do not want to buy Facebook-manufactured cameras. According to Fast Company, an insignificant number of these camera devices are shipping. To justify such a strong claim, Fast Company cited Rakuten who certified that only 0.6% of devices were sold. Facebook has been engulfed in privacy scandals […]

Bluebloods in Pakistan – Action-Filled Five Days

Prince William and Kate Middleton visited Pakistan on 14th October 2019. They were to visit Islamabad, Chitral, Lahore, and Khyber during their scheduled trip until 18th October 2019. Unfortunately, a severe thunderstorm prevented the royal couple to visit an army camp in Khyber at at the last day of their visit. Their trip to Islamabad […]

Twitter’s New Ad Policy Urged Politicians to Slam Facebook

Jack Dorsey takes a dig at Mark Zuckerburg’s ad policy, stirring up mixed responses from politicians. On 30th October 2019, Twitter CEO made a grand announcement embodying policy on political advertisements. Dorsey’s tweet explained that his company would not follow the policy proposed by Facebook. While presenting the new policy, the CEO specifically targeted Zuckerburg’s […]

Pornhub Users and Their Spooky Searches- What’s Trending This Halloween?

Pornhub reveals the “Yee-haw” culture to shine as a top trend this Halloween.   It is weird how people mix their wild fantasies and their adored characters. The amalgamation of these two elements from the different worlds may sound contradictory to some people, but they are exhilarating for many. Whether it is the cowboy fantasy […]

Robinson Maurice, the Man Slaughterer of 39 Asian Migrants in Essex

Britain experienced its deadliest smuggling horrors in Essex where a lorry filled with 39 illegal migrant’s bodies was found. Essex police recovered the bodies at the early hours of 23rd Wednesday 2019 and instantly held the truck driver under suspicion. Aerial view of the Lorry escorting the dead bodies getting examined by Essex Police. Soon […]