The Ending of Shameless Explained!

The depressing finale of Shameless has left a lot of people hanging, as the most unexpected thing happened in it: William H. Macy, who’s been depicting the role of Frank Gallagher, died in the most horrible way ever. He was all alone in the hospital as his dementia and covid-19 results caught up with him. Look, we all knew that one day or another, this day would come, but it would happen at such a depressing time and the reaction of the family just doesn’t sit well. It will take some time for the pain to heal. In the opening sequence, you had the entire Gallagher family gathered around the dying Frank. Liam claims that it was a suicide attempt, while others believe that he will somehow get out of it and be back on track in a few days. For the kids, it’s just another day – nothing out of the blue or shocking. It was saddening to see Frank in his dementia-riddled state – he couldn’t even articulate his thoughts or explain what he was going through. Even in his regular condition, he is unable to grasp social cues and is a waste of space. Many would’ve predicted in the first season that Frank would face a death alone in the hospital with no one by his side, and the creatives of the show made sure that they followed it through. The impact of covid was probably just as add-on to show how the low-income communities got effected by lack of resources and capital. We’ve been told that the second half of the series finale was written after the lockdown, and so, we can assume that the storyline of the pandemic was added much later and that the original ending was a bit different. The family lived in the south side of Chicago and the writers felt that it was of utmost importance to show the life of people who’re living just above the line of poverty.The ending was open-ended, so we don’t really know what happened with the rest of the characters. It seems to have indicated a happy ending for the rest of the characters— a new beginning, at least. The Gallaghers reunited with their elder sisters at the Alibi and were completely unaware and unbothered about their father’s passing. They united to celebrate Ian and Mickey’s wedding anniversary, but there were several questions that were unanswered. For instance, we don’t know if Lip bought the Gallagher house or not, or if Kevin and Veronica sold their bar and moved to Louisville. The ending seems right, because we can now see Lip as the new patriarch of the crazy family. Some would like to believe that Ian and Mickey adopted a kid and raised him in a not-so-crazy household. It would’ve been better had Emmy Rossum made the cameo appearance in the finale. She left the show in season 9, after which no one ever bothered to even take her name in the storylines – as if she had never existed. You would assume that there were some issues behind the scenes. However, Emmy couldn’t appear in the finale as she got stuck due to coronavirus restrictions. Anyway, we hope that you liked the ending of this fan favorite series. We’re definitely going to miss the dysfunctional family! Let us know your thoughts on the finale and like our page on Facebook!

Nick Cannon is Expecting Twins with Abby De La Rosa

Nick Cannon, a renowned television personality, is going to be a father again – just three months after he welcomed his fourth child with another girl friend.On Sunday, Abby De La Rosa announced – along with cute portraits from her recent maternity photo-shoot in which they both appeared shirtless –in a social media post that she is expecting twins with Cannon. On December 14, the 30-year-old DJ revealed that she was pregnant. You must be wondering how many children Cannon Nick has.Well, last year in December, Cannon welcomed his fourth child with Britany Bell – they also have a 3-year old son together. Cannon also has 9-year-old twins, son Moroccan and daughter Monroe, with former wife Mariah Carey.After the arrival of the twin babies, Nick Cannon will be a father of 6 children with three different women. “Our dearest sons – my miracle babies, Thank you for choosing me to be your Mommy,” De La Rosa wrote on her Instagram post, along with a picture showcasing her baby bump, going shirtless with a pearl beaded chest piece, coupled with a long white skirt with a thigh-high leg slit. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Abby De La Rosa (@hiabbydelarosa) “I know the Lord has destined me and prepared me for the gift of not one but two little angels,” she continued. “I pray that God gives you both the strength to walk brave and boldly in your individual truth just like your Daddy. That God bless you and your brother and guide you into living out your full purpose.”Cannon was photographed for the first time with his pregnant girlfriend on Sunday. “Your Dad and I will always be here for you both; in complete unison and support. No matter what this world may throw your way, know that forgiveness is key and what is for you – if for YOU! You both are already so loved and we can’t wait to meet you both,” De La Rosa added in the post.The mom-to-be dropped several hints on social media about the identity of the father when she attended a virtual party for expecting mothers. She posted a picture, posing in front of the logo for Cannon’s company N’Credible Entertainment with a caption, “its @clubtummy #clubtummy Tuesday and tonight is daddy’s pick!” She had previously dropped another hint, too, writing, “Our suns, you already light up my life Ncredibly!”Cannon’s former girlfriend, Bell announced her pregnancy in June last year. At that time, the 40-year-old American comedian was dating Jessica White, a 36-year-old Victoria’s Secret model. White decided to call her relationship off with Cannon, after discovering his child with previous girlfriend Bell through Instagram. “She was aware that I just had a miscarriage two weeks prior to her news coming out, because he told me that he told her.” White said.“I was living at his house, and she knew that as well.”Cannon and Bell spent the Easter weekend together, sharing a picture in which the couple were seen goofing around as Easter bunnies on April 2nd. But in February, he was seen celebrating Valentine’s Day with yet another woman, Lanisha Cole. Cole posted a video (now deleted) featuring Cannon in a room with valentine-themed balloons. The 39-year-old model tattooed ‘King Cannon’ on her in January; they are believed to have broken up by the end of February. Here’s how fans are reacting to the pregnancy news:Monroe. Moroccan. Golden. Powerful. Nick Cannon's children's names sound like Winter Soldier code words.— PJ (@peajai) April 11, 2021 Nick Cannon said “you get some twins and you get some twins....TWINS FOR EVERYBODYYY!”— Frantzisca🇭🇹 (@Frantifaine) April 11, 2021 Nick cannon put on a turban and just decided from that moment on to never put on a condom again 😭— Not Ayan (@wowthatsbrazy) April 11, 2021 Nick Cannon in 3 years— im not letting you be racist in peace (@caliphorniaqing) April 11, 2021 God: Be fruitful and multiplyNick Cannon:— Mimi (@SayMeTwice) April 11, 2021 Nick Cannon collecting kids like Infinity Stones...— Kenneth (@Kenneth_LilMan) April 11, 2021 Nick cannon is the prime example as to why birth control should exist for men instead of women.— clarissa buchanon (@LBTellsItAll) April 11, 2021 This is who nick cannon is striving to be.— Heavie Dee 🐘 (@heaviexdee) April 11, 2021 How Nick Cannon monthly child support payments are about to look— Rich (@UptownDCRich) April 11, 2021 Nick cannon is literally and figuratively wild’n’ out— adaforever (@adaezeforever12) April 11, 2021 Nick Cannon finding out he’s having twins again: 🤡— In My Mind (@MeAloneInMyMind) April 11, 2021 Congratulations, Nick Cannon and Abby De La Rosa! Like our Facebook page to read interesting stories and gossips about your favorite celebrities. 

Here's How to Attend Prince Philip's Funeral during Covid

Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, father of Prince Charles, and grandfather of Prince William and Prince Harry passed away at the age of 99 on Friday, 9th of April. Since Britain is still in observing national lockdowns, it seems like there will be no state funeral held for him. Buckingham Palace has revealed that Prince Philip died a peaceful death and that he had already received the coronavirus vaccine earlier this year along with Your Majesty the Queen. The news of his death has come at a rather unfortunate time, as the UK is still grappling with the pandemic. Due to this reason, citizens have several questions: Is there going to be a state funeral? What would the social distancing measures look like? When so many families in the UK are unable to hold funerals and mourn the loss of their loved ones, will the country’s most privileged family be able to hold a funeral of one of their own? No official statements have been made yet, but reports claim that the palace will confirm the arrangements by Saturday morning. As of now, we believe that the ceremony will not be a state funeral and that he will lie at rest in Windsor Castle. It has been revealed that His Royal Highness will be given the farewell in St. George’s Chapel. “The funeral arrangements have been revised in view of the prevailing circumstances arising from the Covid-19 pandemic and it is regretfully requested that members of the public do not attempt to attend or participate in any of the events that make up the funeral.”As many of you would already know, Prince Phillip was hospitalized in February due to heart problems but got discharged last month. The hospitalization had nothing to do with the coronavirus, since it was confirmed by the Palace. Of course, the privilege of being the most powerful people in the UK didn’t save them from the coronavirus. Last year, Prince Charles, the Queen, and Prince William tested positive for coronavirus. The Queen has been encouraging people to get vaccinated, as she believes that it will help people at least feel protected from this monstrous virus.       Britain has been under lockdown for quite some time, and so most of the outdoor spaces have been closed. But with the vaccine now in place, we’ve been told that the lockdown rules are now being lifted from Monday. Hence, outdoor spaces like pubs and restaurants will reopen along with nonessential shops, gyms, and hair salons!It’s been reported that the UK has lost 150,000 lives to coronavirus!Prime Minister Boris Johnson has given a brief tribute to Prince Philip along with other members of the parliament. He praised how he supported the Queen all his life and that he earned immense affection and applause from generations in the United Kingdom and from across the world!“He was the longest-serving consort in history and one of the last surviving people in this country to have served in the Second World War.” - He said in the official statement.He further added details about his hobbies that included horse-riding. He said: “Like the expert carriage driver that he was, he helped to steer the royal family and the monarchy so that it remains an institution indisputably vital to the balance and happiness of our national life.”As per norm, there will be a brief period of mourning after the death of a royal, and so the media appearances and ministerial statements will be limited. Basically, you’ll only be receiving statements regarding the pandemic and matters that require urgent addressing for some time. Queen Elizabeth is currently spending time isolating in her residence at Windsor Castle which is just outside London. She is mourning the loss of her husband meanwhile thousands have gathered outside the gates of the Buckingham Palace. These people have come to leave flowers and take pictures and show respect to the dead member of the Royal family – they can imagine how hard this time might be for them!On the other hand, to demonstrate vigilance and social distancing, the Palace has rightfully requested fans to not leave flowers at the gate.Anyway, we can all see how tough this time must be for the fans of the Royal family. Do like our page to get constant updates and to know if Harry and Meghan would be making an appearance to bid farewell to the great-grandfather! 

DMX Update: Daughter, Family, And Manager Speak About What Happened To DMX, His Condition, Overdose And Death!

DXM has passed away last Friday, after much speculation on social media. The 50 year old was on life support in a vegetative state after suffering from three heart attacks due to overdose. It was his manager and founder of Loud Records Steve Rifkind who had discovered and confirmed the new. They were hopeful till the last minute, praying just like the fans that he would recover. In the final days, doctors had given their best to save his life; they performed several tests to figure out the level of brain activity and function. This was critical as this was a thin thread that could’ve established his chances of recovery. However, even before his death was announced, comedian friend Leunell had sparked a debate on social media that led to the trending of hashtag #RIPDMX. Of course, apologies were made soon after – their version of death was something else, it seems. "DMX is currently on life support and in a coma. There are multiple people with inaccurate information about his well-being and it is not helpful and productive. Tomorrow he will undergo further tests on his brain function and his family will determine what's best from there." - His manager told NBC News on Tuesday night after the Leunell caused this untimely controversy. In his last days, his family was there to support him just like the thousands of fans that were gathered outside the hospital in White Plains, New York. The great musician has never had an easy life, as troubles started much early at home. He was born on December 18, 1970 in Mount Vernon, NY to parents Joe Barker and Arnett Simmons. He revealed in a 2019 interview that his mother used to beat him up and that his father literally abandoned him – never even called him on his birthday. The only time his dad showed up was when he was selling paintings in New York. It seemed like he was still bitter about his relationship with parents. He angrily said that his mother was incapable of looking after him and it was probably because she didn’t know what to do with him, since he was the only boy amongst four sisters. He said: “Children don’t come with a f**king instruction manual.”Right before he died – when the social media was going into a frenzy mode – a prayer vigil had started for the rapper’s health outside the hospital. Fans had called for a prayer vigil on Monday as well, right when they found out that he had suffered from a major heart attack!The Grammy-nominated rapper DMX, Earl Simmons gave up his fight with death and left this world at age 50. WHAT IS DMX'S NET WORTH?We’ve been told that DMX was actually going through some legal and financial problems and was in debt of $1 million. How did he come into light and fame? Well, his career took off in the 1990s. He had also been arrested a few times for tax frauds, animal cruelty, and drug possession.In 2013, he even filed for bankruptcy in a Manhattan court. In 2018, he was sentenced in prison for a year after pleading guilty in a federal case that accused him of dodging taxes. It’s sad to see how his life had become, considering he was once a Grammy-nominated singer!DMX had not regained strength or any brain activity, because of which his family decided to withdraw life support; it was mainly the mother’s decision. In his last days, Arnett, DMX's fiancée Desiree Lindstrom, his ex-wife, Tashera Simmons, the mother of two of his children Yadira Borrego, and his children had gotten close and were spending time with him. Do you know that he had become the next big thing after Tupac died? In fact, some even started calling him the "undisputed reigning king of hardcore rap" after BIG and Tupac died!He showed real potential with his debut album It’s Dark and Hell is Hot. His follow-up albums were also huge and only increased his stardom and power!According to reports: "Both albums reached number one on the Billboard charts in their first week, making DMX the first recording artist in music history to have his first two albums reach number one within a year” which might sound ridiculous when you think of what he did to his career and how he spent his final years! Anyway, give our page a like on Facebook and send words of condolences to the family members in the comment section below!

Charles Sobhraj Wife and Daughter | What No One Tells You about Them!

Charles Sobhraj, the famous serial killer has revealed that he doesn’t wear rings as they don’t fit him. But he is married – though that hasn’t stopped him from all the famous love affairs he has had so far! Sobhraj, currently spending his life sentence in the narrow room in Kathmandu’s Central Jail, said that once he gets released (so, he still has hopes to get out) he will return to Paris and get himself the finest engagement and wedding ring possible!Do you know that the latest show, The Serpent is based on the life of Charles Sobhraj? The show mainly portrays his relationship with girlfriend, Marie-Andrée Leclerc, also known as Monique. But what the show doesn’t cover is his notorious relationship and ultimately marriage with Nihita Biswas – the daughter of his lawyer!His life has always been dramatic, but no one knows how the 64 year old serial killer, serving his life sentence, managed to get a 20 year old Nepalese stunner fall in love with him. This was, of course, his second marriage. Back in the 60s, he was known for running a network of passport forgery and this is how he used to con western tourists. He ended up marrying Chic Parisienne and even has two daughters from his first marriage – one of them is eight.Do you know that Nihita Biswas is actually a pretty smart and talented woman? Also, Sobhraj and Chantal (his first wife) are friends even after their divorce? In fact, she continues to help him out and has helped him before when he had to leave Paris suddenly. Chantal was even followed by one of the Chinese girls Sobhraj once lived with before his deportation from India.     His first marriage ended back in 2003, when he got arrested for the murder of an American tourist in 1975! This is what Sobhraj said about his first wife: "I did not love her. For me to fall in love, the woman has to be intelligent."He further said that his love affair with Nihita was instantly a love at first sight! She had apparently walked in the prison three months before he made this confession, and was the interpreter for his French lawyer. Interestingly, the law was not even in Nepal when Nihita had gone to meet Sobhraj in prison. But she had an effect on him, a wild chemical stimulation that made him want to see her again and again! Nihita once revealed that Sobhraj used to call her again and again with excuses of another assignment. He even gave her a huge shopping list – full of mostly canned stuff. This might sound strange and unbelievable considering they were both surrounded by massive prison guards at the time. But it’s so absurd to know that their romance blossomed in that environment!She was once asked how she managed to understand him, to which she said that all she had to do was look into his eyes and read his lips. One question that is on everybody’s mind is how the massive age gap didn’t matter. Nihita is apparently unfazed by the whole situation. She doesn’t care about his criminal background and accepts him for whoever he is - even with his eight year old daughter. "I don't know what he was. What he is now is important. He is a good man, I have seen the way he cares for his family. We have a good relationship. He's innocent. There's no evidence against him." - She said. Both twisted minds have accepted their love for one another and exchanged rings. They haven’t gotten married as of yet, but they plan to do the official ceremony once they get out. They also want to write a book together, in which they want to express how they found love in the most absurd timing and circumstance. Anyway, if you find this story intriguing, do give our Facebook page a like!

Everything about You Season 3 Release Date on Netflix in USA, UK and Australia

Season 3 of ‘You’ has just seen the green light from Netflix, and it’s actually slated for a 2021 release! Of course, the news is delightful, since the show is so loved by fans.And here’s when we will make the news even better for you: the third season will see the entry of four new characters, out of which, two have already been casted! Obviously, the official announcements will take time, as there are some production requirements to be met. Are you excited for the upcoming season? Well, here’s what you can expect!Two months after the release of the second season, ‘You’ got renewed for the third season. Knowing the hardcore fan following the show enjoys, Netflix couldn’t even think about canceling the psychological-crime drama. Do you know that the second season was viewed by over 54 million people? It’s insane, honestly. The second season showed Joe to us in a different light; the sociopath not only moved from the Big Apple to the Golden Coast of Los Angeles, but he also got to meet a psychopathic girlfriend. He found himself a new identity - Hello Will - and a new girlfriend, Love Quinn. Look, this time he truly tried to be a different, better, man, but a man can’t completely alter his personality. He couldn’t help but go back to his manipulative, murderous ways. He was actually trying his best, but what can you do when you get yourself a girlfriend who would literally kill for you? Anyway, we liked how the tables turned. Serves him right, and oh so deliciously!The climax of the series was even better than expected, as it left the fans hanging and all they’ve wanted ever since is an answer to the unsolved mystery: Who was that woman?Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble are the official show runners of the show, and they were the ones who announced the success of the second season and the renewal of the third one! The show was renewed just before the pandemic started in the USA  (January 14th, 2020). It also came with a brief teaser that said: New Year, New You. Classy!We don’t know what exactly to expect from the upcoming season, but we’re sure that it’s going to be incredibly engrossing. It’s currently being shot in California, so we know that he’s not running away and starting a new life this time. As of now, Scott Speedman has been casted as a man called Mathew. You might have seen him previously in movies like Underworld and The Strangers. What are your expectations from the upcoming season of You? Are you excited? And if you are, do like our pageon Facebook as we’ll be covering this topic again!  

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