10 Games And Activities On Zoom For You And Your Friends

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  • POSTED ON: June 22, 2020

It’s been over three
months now, and a Netflix party is just not enough for friends anymore.

No one can deny that it
takes effort to maintain friendships – and that quarantine has simply magnified
the problem. So, to ensure your sanity remains intact, here are ten activities
and game ideas that will bring back life to your boring Zoom calls.

Source: Parade

Challenge Your Imagination And Take A
Virtual Vacation

If you’re still bummed
about the summer vacation you had planned for yourself, try this. Pick a place
without worrying about economics and take a virtual trip without waiting
another second. Have you experienced going to the International Space Centre?
How about the Taj Mahal? Google Earth’s Voyager feature has many tours planned
for you and friends.

Play Where’s Waldo –With A Twist 

We’re all guilty of
watching goofy videos of people doing weird stuff on the streets. Here’s what
you can do: Find a prompt using a funny sentence generator and find the aptest picture for it on the street view. Use them on people and judge amongst
yourself to figure out the funniest one of the lot. This is basically like the Cards Against Humanity but only with Google Maps. 

Test Your Friendship

Use Quizlet to make a
series of questions about yourself. Next, you arrange a game where you ask those
questions to your group of friends. The person who answers the most questions
right will be declared your best friend! Go hard and test your friendship.

Judge A Dog Show

We all loved attending
beauty pageants of our favorite boys and girls. And you know what – they’re
missing you terribly. So, why don’t you and your friends watch them all on
YouTube? To top that, you get to pick you’re the best of the lot. 

Livestream Animals

Who doesn’t love
animals? Use this time well to get to know them evermore. Watch live videos
online and become closer to nature. And if you’re lucky, you might just get
to see some of the funniest moments between the penguins. I mean, aren’t they the
cutest when they flap away their life?

Get Into A PowerPoint Debate

There are many debates
that you and your friends might occasionally get into. Well, seems like this is
the perfect time to settle scores. So, what is it that bothers you? You think
Wonder Woman would beat Captain Marvel in a fight? Prove it by creating a

Cook A Chopped Mystery Basket

This is the end of
creativity and wit. Put your game face on and participate in the most eccentric
competition of your life – don’t worry about the ingredients just chop away!

Find Out If You’re Smarter than A Fifth

We all used to watch
this show as kids. Well, let’s test our knowledge give a shout out to our past
all at the same time. However, just keep it light because you know some friends
might get really competitive.

Start A Book Club

Are you someone who
loves reading books? Then you can easily talk for hours about books, characters,
and storylines. You can even use this time to make new friends and satisfy your
curiosity by reading what’s on their list.

Start A Podcast

Do you love talking?
Were you qualified as the chatterbox of the class? This is your time to shine!
Start a podcast and record it for others to watch it. Who knows? You might
actually come out of this pandemic with a side hustle?


Updated June 22, 2020
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