10 Games to Play During Social Isolation

  • AUTHOR: isbah
  • POSTED ON: April 28, 2020

Quarantine has been going on for a long time and we know by this time, most of you are bored and don’t know what to do.

However, we have made a list of some games that you might not have heard of before so spend the days with this activity to make sure you have quality family time.

1. LCR

Source: Buzzfeed

Left Center Right is as simple as it is fun. Just roll the dice and pass three chips (left, right, or keep) according to the roll. Whoever ends up with all the chips, wins!

2. The Game of Things

Source: Buzzfeed

A hilarious and easy-to-play game, sure to take family game nights to a new level of fun.

 3. What Do You Meme? 

Source: Buzzfeed

Challenge your friends and family to create the best memes and prepare yourself for hours of side-splitting entertainment.

4. 5 Second Rule

Source: Buzzfeed

5 Second Rule challenges you to name three things that fit a category in only five seconds. Sounds easy, right?  Not so fast — try to name three deodorant brands in five seconds… GO!

5. Catan

Source: Buzzfeed

This is a competitive game of strategy: Build roads, trade, barter, and develop settlements. Can I promise you and your family will end the night on good terms? Probably not.

6. Card Against Humanity

Source: Buzzfeed

 Cards Against Humanity has more than 31,000 five-star reviews and is beloved by horrible…y funny people across the world. I mean, if 31,000 people say it’s good, it’s safe to say it’s good.

7. Trick Question

Source: Buzzfeed

This game tests and exercises the brain with over 400 different brainteasers. There are teams involved, so you better bet there will be a competitive edge.

8. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Source: Buzzfeed

It involves fast thinking. Each player races against each other to slap a match between a card and a spoken word. It seems simple, but these cards can play tricks on your mind, so get ready.


Source: Buzzfeed

The classic game of concentration and a little bit of luck. It is time to see how much you can focus!

10. Tipsy Tower

Source: Buzzfeed

Now, this is a game for people over the age of 21 as it combines Jenga with booze, and we can’t argue with that. A handful of the wooden blocks have rules on them, and when someone draws one out, they have to abide by that rule for the rest of the game or take a sip accordingly!

So bring out your competitive side during isolation and have an amazing game night with your friends and family!

Updated April 28, 2020
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