11 Most Viral Internet Sensations from the Past

  • AUTHOR: isbah
  • POSTED ON: April 14, 2020

All the internet babies remember how viral video culture was the only source of entertainment before Facebook and Instagram transformed it for the worst. From “Charlie bit my finger” to failed ski videos, Youtube, eBaum, and Newgrounds were the applications that made our lives better. So let’s look at some old videos that will never fail to make us laugh.

1. Grape Lady Falling


Melissa Sander aka Grape Lady was reporting for Fox 5 in Atlanta at a vineyard when she fell down and well, squished a lot of grapes. The video was uploaded in 2007 and has almost 20 million views now.

2. Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama


This particular video was the first of its kind to achieve the viral status online back in 2006. An amazing amateur sketch of the magical creature, as well as interviews with people who had different theories ranging from “it could be a crackhead,” to “it’s casting a shadow,” made the video so entertaining.

3. Double Rainbow


In 2010, a man had a proper breakdown after he saw a double rainbow. We can neither confirm nor deny the involvement of drugs in this particular video.

 4. Shoes 


How many of you remember the absolute banger that Liam Kyle Sullivan released in 2007? It was played everywhere and shows one’s dedication to shoes.

5. Leave Britney Alone


Britney has always remained the center of attention but in 2007, while she was going through some personal issues, Chris Crocker went online and asked everyone “to leave Britney alone”. The video instantly got viral and Crocker got a lot of backlash for a stereotypical depiction of a crying female.

6. Fenton


People are peacefully strolling through Richmond Park in London when someone screams FENTON! When the camera moves towards the source of the noise, a herd of deer being chased by a dog runs past. The pet is also being chased by its owner who yells “Jesus Christ, Fenton!”. Nobody got hurt and the video received a lot of attention online.

7. Potter Puppet Pals


Every Harry Potter fan remembers the Potter Puppet Pals that became one of the most popular skits on Youtube. It is still widely quoted and every HP nerd can recite the lyrics backwards and forward.

8. Greatest Freakout Eve


Stephen Quire is informed about the cancellation of his World of Witchcraft subscription as a punishment and he goes on to throw the biggest tantrum in history. The video was recorded by his brother Jack who later filmed some other videos too but most people called those fake. However, you cannot ignore how hilarious most of the tantrums were.

9. Numa Numa Guy


Gary Brolsma became the Numa Numa Guy in 2004 after his video of lip-syncing to O-Zone’s Dragostea Din Tei went viral. He became an important part of the meme culture but Newgrounds took it down for licensing reasons.

10. Charlie Bit My Finger


This is one of the examples of how ridiculous things get so much exposure online. We will never know why Charlie biting his older brother’s finger was funny to so many people but it lives on as one of the most viral videos on the internet.

11. The Duck Song


We all expected something really creepy to come out of this video but it just features a very annoying duck with an even more annoying but catchy tune. You think you’re over this song but it creeps up on your worst and best days to remind you why it was the internet sensation for such a long time.

So how many of these do you remember?

Updated April 14, 2020
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