14 Most Mysterious, Disgusting, and Failed TikTok videos

  • AUTHOR: midhat
  • POSTED ON: November 20, 2020

CAUTION: You can’t unsee these videos…

There’s no denying that TikTok has become one of the
biggest content generation apps in the past three years.

And now it is quite common to usually look for
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TikTok videos funny,
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who has the most shared video on TikTok and etc etc.

From its bizarre yet
entertaining challenges to its ability to highlight new talent and artists by
making videos go viral, the platform’s cultural influence is inarguable!

While the (former) President of the United States
of America, Donald Trump considers this entertainment app as a Chinese nuke,
it continues to grow into a massive platform with 2 million downloads

But not everything we see on this app is always a
worthwhile contribution to our daily dose of entertainment. There are some
extremely disgusting, mysterious, and failed videos that will make you cringe
to the core!

Literally, it feels like every other day, we watch interesting things on TikTok that is utterly jarring! Since not everyone uses this app (it
has been found that most users of this app belong to Gen Z), we thought we
should share with you some of the most disgusting, mysterious, and failed
TikTok videos of all time.

1. The guy who loves playing with shark 

Do NOT try this at home…

2. The crazy family at the funeral

3. This extraordinary lawn setup

4. The Giant Hands…

5. A Wolf Spider carrying shit load of babies…

An ultimate nightmare for people with arachnophobia…

5. Parents’ reaction after learning their daughter voted for Joe Biden

6. This Squirrel who fights back

7. The disgusting cereal challenge

How can you even??????

8. The rare sight of fresh water meeting sea water


Where fresh water meets sea water. #science #learnontiktok #learn #canada

♬ original sound – Yup That Exists


9. And this drunk girl thinking she met Pink


Sadly it wasn’t her:( #fyp #foryou #TikTokFood #pink

♬ Chaotic Life audio – ☘️ Chris Carter ☘️

10. And how this dude interrupted a live broadcast in a most hilarious way!!


the pure joy in his face after 😌🥰😭 #biden2020 #election2020 #bidenwins

♬ original sound – Rachel Silva

He asked a good question, though…

11. The Big Mouth Girl

12. A Woman who accidentally became famous for mocking Trump’s dancing

You know, Ivanka Trump even shared her twitter… She’s THAT good!

13.  A TikTok claiming guys get boners when they poop…

14.  This guy git interrupted while making a ridiculous TikTok, and that made it even better!

Wait for the ending….

We Told ya! you can’t unsee these popular TikTok videos that contributed to TikTok ban in addition to different viral TikTok videos 2020 (pun intended)… So, which one is your favorite? let’s know in the comments box below…

Updated November 20, 2020
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