23+ Most Funniest Christmas Card Ideas For Your Friends and Lovers!

  • POSTED ON: 01/Dec/2020

23+ Christmas Card Ideas!

It’s the 1st of December, which means that Christmas season is officially here! Of course, it’s now time to send out holiday cards to as many friends and family members! Don’t forget acquaintances and co-workers.

Normally, you’d want to send something traditional for the Christmas card, like a family photo or a card with trees and Santa. But hey, don’t forget to write a personalized message for them, as that will make it ten times special.

If you’re planning to send Christmas card for lovers or anyone close, you should consider getting more creative. How about funny Christmas cards? Everybody writes greetings with Christmas cards, but it’s always the funniest Christmas card ideas that shine.

No matter what the occasion is, cards are simply a way of showing love and affection. If you’re looking for Christmas card ideas for friends or Christmas card for lovers, we’ve got some unique ideas for you, so make the most of our 23+ Christmas card ideas!

Great Tonics Card

If you feel like bringing a new dimension to the phrase “holiday cheers” go for this card!

Amazon Prime Card

This card will be perfect for a friend who has just gotten a new Prime box on their doorstep.

Social Distancing Card

Hey! Why not make the most of this unusual Christmas and give a lighthearted nod to the disastrous year that we’ve had? It will be perfect for literally anyone! You can send it to relatives and friends alike. Keep it for the ones you won’t be able to meet this year.

Let's Get Lit Card

Are you and your friends fond of drinking (a little too much!) on Christmas? Well, it’s time to send them this wonderful card and remind them of the good old memories. They are probably looking forward to hearing from you, anyway!

Merry Catmas Card

Every family or friend group has a cat lover! So, keep this cute card for that friend of yours! It will look really cute with their Christmas sweater and put on a sweet smile on their face.

Baby Yoda Surprise Card

Who doesn’t enjoy Baby Yoda viral memes? Hello, the memes literally shook the year 2020. So, send this card to the friends who keep sending you these memes on WhatsApp, with a Christmas twist, of course!

I Before E Amazing Card

This card will be apt for your friend who is a grammar nerd.

Jingle Bell Rock & Roll Card

Do you know anyone who doesn’t enjoy a hilarious pun here and there? Good that you don’t, because we will seriously judge your company. Send this card to your friends and have a good laugh over the phone. 

Let the Good Times Come Card

You know what were good times? When the year had just begun and lockdown was just a new but funny experience. Enter: Toilet Papers. Yeah… enough said.

Kardashian Card

Christmas is just not complete without the Kardashians. Send this cute little card to the friend who is crying over the end of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Turtle Dove - WTF? Card

Send this interesting card to your relatives and keep them thinking. Sometimes, it’s best to just keep things a mystery.

Target Christmas Card

Who’s on your naughty list? Send it to them!

I Sleigh Card

Of course, Christmas has to be jolly and fun, and everything light. Give this to someone who reminds you of Santa Claus. How about Uncle Charlie? We all have one in our family!

Obligatory Christmas Card

Send this card to someone who you love dearly and wish well for every day even if you don’t talk much.

Santa (Not Really!) Hates You Card

The statement may not be true but send this card to the friend who always forgets to get you a gift!

First Draft Card

Are you someone who never gets it right the first time? Aren’t we all perfectionists? Well, send this interesting card to your writer friend.

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Card

If you know someone who’ve got birthdays in the month of December, this card will be perfect for them.

Fleece Navidad Card

If this card doesn’t make you think of Jose Feliciano and warm woolen mittens… who hurt you?

Prosecc...Ho! Ho! Ho! Card

If you have a friend in mind to hook up with at New Year’s Eve, save this one for them.

Holiday Let It Snow Card

No. We’re never ever and ever getting over Game of Thrones…. Like ever.

I Don't Care If It's Merry Card

Do you know people who are just unbothered by literally everything? We all have that one friend in our social circle. And it’s not like they’re mean or anything… they’re just too cool to care. Keep this one for them.

Whammy Card

Save this cute little card for your boyfriend so that they know how tender you are and that they must always be nice to you.

Naughty List Card

Dude, just be honest and tell your favorite niece that she’s on Santa’s naughty list.

'Home Alone' Card

If Home Alone wasn’t your favorite part of Christmas in your childhood, there’s something terribly wrong with you. Share this card with your siblings and reminisce the old times.

Which card have you selected for your friends? Also, don't forget to check out 80+ amazing Disney movies for Christmas 2020!

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