25+ Timeless Thanksgiving Movies 2020 for Family and Kids!

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  • POSTED ON: November 26, 2020

We all need a good movie to digest the feast and fight
served on the Thanksgiving table!

Winter is an ideal season to sit along with your family,
snuggle in a cozy blanket, and stream your favorite movies. The invisible enemy
outside (coronavirus) is literally forcing us to stay indoors, and we want something
to ward off our boredom, right?

And honestly, we all need a family movie night now more than
ever, especially around the holidays, to cheer up the lost holiday spirit and
keep all worries at bay…  

Having an entertaining movie night with family is fun,
low-effort activity that sure to make everyone happy and at peace.

And for some reason; a good movie at Thanksgiving Day offers
a perfect escape from your uncle’s whining, cousins’ crying and mommy’s ranting
at the end of the day… Plus, after preparing a delicious

Thanksgiving feast and
doing hundreds of dishes, you will definitely want to lie down and watch your
favorite movie with a glass of Champaign and relax for a while your children watch movies for kids and look for new family movies.

Don’t worry! We’ve sorted the best Thanksgiving movies 2020
for you! All you need is some delicious snacks to go with it! And if you’re looking
more ways to spend your day, check out these best
Thanksgiving deals

Happy Turkey Day!

1. The
Oath (2018)

A black Friday’s oath that causes a rift during one family’s Thanksgiving dinner. How are they going to survive this? You to need to watch
this movie to learn more!

2. A
Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973)

One of the best Thanksgiving movies, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, is suitable for people of all ages in the family!

3. You’ve
got a mail (1998)

The adorable remake of the 140s The Shop Around the Corner is fitting for all season, including
winter, and also includes a Thanksgiving scene. Moreover, a charming match of
Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan is enough to convince us to watch this movie, right?

4. National
Treasure (2004)

Benjamin Gates (played by Nicolas Cage) goes on a mission to
protect a treasure from falling into the evil hands.

5. Little

This epic tale of the March sisters, Amy, Meg, Jo and Beth,
is definitely a holiday treat for all the women in the family!

6. Home

Honestly, one cannot truly enjoy the holiday spirit until the
whole family sits together to watch Home

7. Rudy

When it comes to Thanksgiving, a roasted turkey and a
football movie go hand in hand. Everyone is the family can well-reflect with
Rudy’s inspirational story, and the wintry night will set the holiday mood

8. Matilda

The classic tale from Roald Dahl is definitely going to
entertain the entire family! A story follows a girl named Matilda, who
outsmarts everyone with her big powers and extraordinary abilities.

9. Toy
Story 4

A night with Roddy and his friends is always going to be
fun, isn’t it?

10. Eat Pray

This thanksgiving, embark on a journey with Julia Roberts who
travels around the world to rediscover her true self after getting a tragic

11. Ratatouille

Yes, we definitely need to learn some cooking lessons from Remy,
a rat who dreams to become a chef! The movie feels especially relevant for

12. Women’s

When a girl’s fiancé breaks the engagement right before the Thanksgiving,
she handles her shattering love life by hiring a fake boyfriend.

13. Fantastic
Mr. Fox

An epic tale about family, friends and feast feels especially
appropriate to watch on Thanksgiving.

14. What’s cooking?

The comedy movie follows the stories of different families
on Thanksgiving Day. After watching this movie, you will know that your family
isn’t the only one behaves abnormally at the thanksgiving table!

15. Love at
the Thanksgiving Day Parade

This movie involves Chicago’s annual Thanksgiving parade
and, of course, love…

16. Turkey

An animated movie about two friends who befriends with
mysterious monsters during their visit to the town of Turkey Hollow.

17. A
family Thanksgiving

A movie about a successful woman who gets an opportunity to
reflect how her life could have been different.

18. Paul Blat:
Mall cop

The comedy Kevin James movie revolves around the black Friday
sales. Definitely a must-watch in this season!

19. Adams
Family Values

This thanksgiving, there’s no better way to learn some family
values from the infamous Adams Family!

20. The New

A movie about the birth of America feels more relevant to
watch on this holiday!

21. The
Family Stone

This movie features a realistic and emotional aspect of one’s
family during a holiday season.

22. Grumpy
Old Men

Two grumpy old men who hate each other since childhood find
a similar love interest, which makes a hilarious thanksgiving scene.  

23. A Winnie
the Pooh Thanksgiving

This movie is perfect for all the little ones joining in the
thanksgiving movie night.

24. The Blind

A real life story about the Tuohy family adopting a homeless town
who becomes an All-American football player.

25. Free

Nothing feels more appropriate than watching a movie about two
Turkeys on a Turkey Day. Win-Win!

Updated November 26, 2020
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