40+ Most Bizarre and Viral New Year resolutions to Avoid in 2021!

  • POSTED ON: 03/Dec/2020

New Year resolution ideas!

Meet Peter…

Just like everyone, Peter is all set to begin his new year 2021 with some resolutions; the same resolutions he made in 2020, which he failed to accomplish in 2019, the same ones he pledged to follow in 2018 that were supposed to be done in 2017, and the ones he also mentioned in his 2016’s resolution book, which he had decided in 2015…

Peter can’t follow through on his promises, don’t be like Peter!

Well, new year’s resolutions are notoriously tough to follow! It’s not just Peter, but we all find it difficult to stick to them. But we can’t entirely blame ourselves, as we don’t know what’s going to hit us in the upcoming year. Remember all those hopes we had for a better 2020 as we proceeded into a new decade? How stupid and naïve we were!

Fair to say, 2020 has been a really wild ride! These past 11 months felt like an eternity; we narrowly dodged world War 3, got attacked by an invisible enemy, caved inside our homes for a whole year, watched time lose its meaning, and spent every day of this year like a long and depressing holiday.

Goodbye, 2020. Here’s hoping we’ll never speak about you again!

Now we are desperately waiting to welcome a brand new year, but just like Kylie Jenner, we’re not going into it with an “I’m gonna go wasted” attitude. No! We will face 2021 braver, wiser, and with enough memes to water whatever firestorm this 2021 has in store for us!

And for this mindset, we need to alter our new year resolutions a bit. With some promises to avoid, and some things to adapt, we’re going to meet 2021 with a little less of “new year, new me” and a bit more of “bring it on 2021, you’ve got our attention!”

So, before making any pledges this year, take a look at what to avoid instead of repeating the previous mistakes. Below are the 40+ most bizarre New Year resolution examples that went viral and hence must be avoided in 2021!

Stop sliding into strangers’ DM…

Because you will, eventually!

To never accept a loser like Donald Trump!

We are done coping with one cry baby, we don’t need another one!

Harness a confident like Kanye West!

If this is your new year’s resolution, think again!

Pledge to become a vegan, but inevitably give up after six months

Just stop trying already!

Take on a stupid challenge on TikTok!


The world has enough idiots, try not to add to the number!

To unfollow all the Kardashians, but continue to keep up!

The Kris Jenner in me keeps whispering, “You’re doing good, sweety!”

Signing up for gym sessions that you will not actually attend!

Don’t bite more than you can chew!

Go a year without watching any F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode!

Year?? I can't survive a week without F.R.I.E.N.D.S!

Lying to yourself about following your New Year’s Resolutions

Yet, here you are!

Stop binge-watching Netflix shows

How long will you continue to lie to yourself?

Hoping for another season of Sherlock Holmes…

Sometimes it hurts, but you gotta move on!

Cancel Netflix

Because surviving a lockdown without Netflix is impossible! At least for me!

Unfriending every person in the friend list who shares their transformation and diet regime

You gotta keep that motivation coming…

Stop spending money on online sales

We know, you will regardless! How can you resist 50% off on your favorite adidas shoes?

Farting in public places

What a stinky resolution is this!

Avoid making Mickey Mouse impressions while having sex!


Changing your relationship status from ‘forever alone’ to ‘it’s complicated’ with virus…

That’s not a thing we should hope for in 2021…

Never walking in dad’s washroom when he’s cleaning the bathtub naked!

Oh dear!

Stop making memes

The world can’t survive without memes… So, continue serving the humanity with this kind service! You’re a hero!

Going out on a solo date

7 Ways To Spend Time Alone With Yourself Romantically, Because You Are One  Hot Date

Spending a year alone is enough! No more solo dates for me now!

Turning all the high heel shoes into flat ones

Stop massacring those poor soles (pun intended!)

Going to work with a hangover at least twice a week

Now that’s a wor---kalcoholic’s resolution!

Tattooing Coronavirus model on arm…

I’m sure you’ll have better things to do than this!

Disliking every BTS’s video

Stop the hate already!

Encouraging someone to not wear masks

No matter how much you hate wearing it, but you’ll need one until the vaccine arrives...

Never take social gatherings for granted ever again!

The pandemic made us realize the importance of things that we have taken for granted for years!

Relearning social etiquette after a year at home

I guess, we all need it!

Licking the topping of pizza slices before eating!

That’s one WEIRD resolution!

Erasing 2020 from the memory!

I bet you can’t do it!

Collect all the leftover 2020 calendars and burn them!

Well, wish we could do this!

Stop making New Year’s Resolutions!

Been there, done that! But still can’t help it!

Never underestimating a normal cough

You never know, it could be a virus!

Stocking up on toilet papers

Umm… it’s okay! We understand the needs but you need more than this to survive!

Originating a new controversy about Coronavirus

I guess we already have many, adding one more won’t make any difference!

Never underestimating a mother when she says “Layer up! It’s cold outside!”

Unless you want to die of cold!

Checking bank balance with the hope of more money

It’s high time you should embrace reality and stop daydreaming!

Develop an ability to finish a burrito from Chipotle

We know the struggle, but still won’t take it as a new year’s resolution!


So which one do you find the weirdest and how many New Year 2021 resolutions you're gonna have out of these 40+ New Year resolutions? Let us know in the comment box. 

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