5 Shocking Facts of Nicolas Cage’s History of Swear Words

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  • POSTED ON: December 29, 2020

Are you ready to
deep-dive into the Netflix series (profinity-themed) “History of Swear Words”?

Look, we all have ideas
in our heads that are just there for no reason. If you’re a cinema junkie, you
must have had a strange idea in your head about Nicholas Cage in a show
shouting profane terms at you and others. And to turn this bizarre ideation into
a somewhat Deja-vu moment, Netflix is serving you with a docu-series titled
History of Swear Words with Nicholas Cage.

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The series is
premiering on the streaming platform on the 5th of January, 2021. It
will counter the taboos linked with the profanity that is spoken in public and
private. Based on the brief promo of the show, we can make out that Cage will
be engaging with comedians and experts on these profane terminologies and
dissecting their meaning and origin.

In one of the shots,
Cage can be seen painting on a canvas while wearing a suit and mouthing these
words: “It is a thing of great
wonder and mystery, quivering with great strength and resilience. However,
buried within, a delicate femininity; and dare I even say naughtiness. Look one
way and you see a gentile feline innocence. Look another way and … oh

Wait – can you identify
the cuss word Cage is describing? We do have some ideas.

Anyway, here are 5
shocking facts about Nicholas Cage’s upcoming series “History of Swear Words”.

Trailer Dropped On Wednesday

The trailer was
released on Wednesday and it gained immediate attraction from Netflix fans. The 
show has instantly garnered attention from mainstream media and will be traced
throughout the promotional run until its premiere, which is on the 5th
of January, 2021.

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and Running Time

The show is all set to
have a 20-minute running period. It’s going to be following a Funny and Die
method since it is produced by its makers. In addition to this, the show will
also have 6 episodes in the first season. Hence, be ready to hear tons of
offensive things in the series.

of Experts

Cage will be joined by
a bunch of comedians, like  Jim Jefferies, Nikki Glaser, Sarah Silverman and Nick Offerman. The show will also have a panel of experts who will help Cage with
the dissection of the profane words. Benjamin Bergen, Mireille Miller-Young,
Elvis Mitchell, Melissa Mohr, and Kory Stamper will be part of the team of
experts. It’s a full house!

Projects of Nicholas Cage

Apart from hosting
History of Swear Words, Nicholas Cage will soon be seen portraying the role of
the eccentric Joe Exotic of the popular Tiger King. Interestingly, when the
news of this series became public, a lot of people predicted that he’d be
taking on the role due to eerie-like resemblance.

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Official Synopsis of the Show

Here’s the official
synopsis of the show.

education in expletives: the history lesson you didn’t know you needed. History
of Swear Words, hosted by Nicolas Cage, is a loud and proudly profane series
that explores the origins, pop culture—usage, science and cultural impact of
curse words. Through interviews with experts in etymology, pop culture,
historians and entertainers, the six-episode series dives into the origins of
‘F**k,’ ‘Sh*t,’ ‘B*tch,’ ‘D**k,’ ‘Pu**y,’ and ‘Damn.’”

Well, it’s sure going
to be an entertainer!

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Updated December 29, 2020
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