6 Shocking Facts about Black Beauty Cast, Story and Characters!

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  • POSTED ON: November 28, 2020

The upcoming Disney+ movie, The Black Beauty is led by Mackenzie Foy but it has a long list of
notable actors starring alongside her. The movie is based on Anna Sewell’s
eponymous novel from 1877 which centers in New York. The story is from the
horse’s perspective and she narrates her life story. She recalled lessons that
she learnt from her mother and along with the lessons that she gained from her
experiences in the wild mustangs. After The Black Beauty gets caught during the
stampede in the Western United States, it is bought by John Manly and taken to
Birtwick Stables in New York. Soon, it forms a bond with Jo.

You may find the lead
actress familiar but still unrecognizable, because this movie will serve as her
transition from the former child star to an adult actress in cinema.
Furthermore, the actor who portrays the role of John Manly is a veteran in a
sense but not exactly a household name. Of course, the person doing the voice
over will instantly be recognized.

Mackenzie Foy, who you
may remember from Twilight and Interstellar, is playing the role of Jo Green, a
young woman whose parents have died. She is initially shown to be skeptical and
unsure if she even wants to learn about the business aspects. Soon after, she
finds herself appreciating the horses like Black Beauty, and grooms and
protects them.

Kate Winslet is the
voice that you’ll hear throughout the 110 minutes of the film, as she is
dubbing for The Black Beauty. You’ll hear her voice as she remembers her past
and forms a strong bond with Jo in the film. Of course, Kate is an Oscar-winning actress and known around the world for her incredible list of films,
including Titanic, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, etc.

The Black Beauty is
coming to Disney Plus and it has been directed by Ashley Avis. The movie goes
on to prove that movies with animals are still being made. Avis claims that the
producers expected two things from this movie: they wanted black beauty to be a
female and they wanted to modernize the storyline and make it resonate with the
audience of today. Avis also wrote the screenplay of this film.

The Black Beauty is one
of those books that we’ve grown up reading. It’s had a huge impact on
generations and the text is so powerful that parallels can be drawn from today.
Avis said that she didn’t want to change everything and simply take out the
main message.

When Avis was doing her
research, she discovered that the writer was actually aiming to improve the the overall treatment of horses in her days, and by writing this story, she helped
people understand the greatness of empathy and how essential it is while
dealing with horses, as well as other animals in Victorian England. Hence,
when she found out about the wild-horse issue, Avis realized what was happening
in the modern world, and how a movie on Black Beauty story can bring some
positive change.

Avis claims that in her
movie, the black beauty was born in the wild and life bought to Western America;
she was forcefully taken away from her family and was all alone in this new
world altogether. She scratched Black Beauty characters by keeping the originals in mind, and simply
added more nuances that made them relatable in the present time.

It’s hard to imagine
that Sewell’s novel is almost 150 years old. Furthermore, the novel was
initially meant to be for the adults, like we already mentioned that the writer
wanted to bring a sense of compassion and empathy in the world at the time, but
gradually, the novel became a children’s classic and is remains to be a

In addition, the novel
was amongst the first to be told from an animal’s perspective. The story challenges
the bleak and cold treatment of animals and teaches the importance of kindness
and gentleness.  Avis says that she read
the novel as a child and she never forgot the lesson she learnt from it. It
became her ultimate mission to impart those messages to the rest of the world.

Avis admitted that she
started riding at the age of seven and has always had a little love affair with
them. Her adult life had imposed duties and responsibilities on her, due to
which she hadn’t found time to go back to her love for horses. But after meeting
producer Jeremy Bolt, she knew that this project was hers for the taking. They
both have a passion for horses, and that is exactly what made this
collaboration a success.

You must watch this movie on Disney Plus in addition to Black Beauty cast and character guide. It’s a wonderful
story of human beings and their relationship with animals
and vice versa. 

Updated November 28, 2020
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