80+ love, Disney and Modern Christmas Movies!

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matter how boring your holidays may have been, classic Disney Christmas movies, even old Disney Christmas movies always hit the spot!

of whether or not you’re truly or mentally prepared for Christmas, Christmas
films have been lifting Christmas spirits since our childhood!

hasn’t watched The Home Alone and
dreamed of enjoying Christmas all by yourself and having fun messing up with
some burglars? Or spending Christmas in the dream-like English cottage just
like in The Holiday, and ultimately
falling in love with the adorably sensitive Jude Law.? Or experiencing the
thrill and joy of Disney’s animated fairy tales like Beauty and The Beast: An Enchanted

grew up with these best movies and we love every bit of them. Since we’re already
locked in our houses due to coronavirus this Christmas, there’s perhaps not a
better way than to binge on Christmas movies on a family night in!

if you’re cooped up inside the house and dreaming of holiday outings, you’ll
definitely enjoy watching holiday Disney Christmas movies or Disney Christmas movies 2020:

Check out the Disney Christmas movies list below.

  1. How the
    Grinch stole the Christmas (2000)

is a story of the grumpy Grinch, who lives on top of a snow-covered mountain
and absolutely despises the joyful sounds of Whoville below. He gets so sick of
all the holiday cheers that he decides to sabotage the whole Christmas eve,
only to find that Christmas means more than just presents to them.

  1. The
    polar Express

on Chris Van Allsburg’s children book by the same name, the story is about a
young boy who gets on aboard a magical train to the North Pole on Christmas
Eve. This movie has won three Oscar nominations, including for the song
“Believe” performed by
Josh Groban.

  1. Love

about eight London couples trying to handle their relationships in different
ways. The story begins five weeks prior to Christmas and is played out in a
weekly countdown until the holiday. You’ll be head-over-heels with this movie,
as it tells you that love is all around us!

  1. A
    Christmas Prince

movie is one of Netflix’s first attacks into the Christmas genre, as it has an
overwhelming amount of Christmas clichés you cannot find in any other movie.
There’s not any plot to follow, it’s just full of Christmas spirit, presented through
a story of a journalist and a Prince who isn’t real.

  1. Last

story about a critically ill patient mistakenly diagnosed by a faulty MRI
machine, who has always played it safe when it comes to spending her savings
and embarks on a holiday journey to Europe to fulfill her culinary inspiration.

know what happens next when she finds out about her misdiagnosed disease after
spending all her money, you need to watch this movie.

  1. White

days into Christmas, Suzanne’s world turns upside down when her husband Jeff
dies unexpectedly. It’s a sweet, sad, and a raunchy sex comedy; a perfect one
to watch on the holiday night!

  1. Office
    Christmas Party

Office Christmas celebration goes wrong, when the manager throws a party to
impress a high-end client.

  1. The Holiday

story about two women finding their lovers at an expected place and in a
(pleasantly) unexpected manner.

  1. The
    Christmas Chronicles

The Christmas Chronicles is a Christmas adventure of two siblings who plan a scheme to capture
Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Filled with a lot of excitement and some great
performances, it’s probably the best movie to watch on a family’s night in.

  1.  Noelle

Disney+ original Christmas movie, starring Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader, is a
movie about Santa’s kids and the pressure of fitting in his shoes.

  1. Frozen

sisters and Princesses battle through their fears to discover what true love
is. Warning: It’s very likely that this film will turn your movie night into a
sing-along or karaoke session.

  1. Frozen

Second chapter of the adventures of Arendelle sisters (With Olaf, Sven, and
Kristoff, of course!) involves a journey to enchanted forests to save the

  1. Krampus

with a mix of “Christmas movie”— what more do you want to lift up your holiday
spirits? Sick of the constant skirmishes between the members of his
dysfunctional family, Max loses interest in celebrating Christmas, hence
awakening Krampus, a demon who is going to punish his entire family.

  1.  The Night Before

The Night Before incites enough belly laughs to qualify as a worthwhile addition to the
list of our must-watch Christmas movies.

  1. Let It

Let it Snow has some comfortable clichés, and the right amount of holiday cheers!

snowstorm hits a small town on Christmas Eve, bringing together a group of high
school students. They soon find their love lives and friendships colliding and
nothing remains the same on Christmas morning.

movie has all the positive vibes, exactly what we have been needing this year!

  1. Anna and
    the Apocalypse

Anna and the Apocalypse includes lots of hearts in the crowded zombie genre; it’s a fun fusion
with some rootable characters.

zombie apocalypse breaks out in a small town of Haven on Christmas Eve, forcing
Anna and her friends to fight their way to survival.

17. Jingle
Jangle: A Christmas Journey

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey is a Christmas adventure, power packed with some great performances,
special effects, and soundtracks, it’s a perfect movie to watch with family on
a holiday movie night.

18. The Snowman

19. One Magic Christmas

20. Operation Christmas Drop

21. Jack Frost

22. Four Christmases

23. Batman Returns

24. Just Friends 

25. Holidate

26. Happy Christmas

27. Jingle All the Way

28. Prancer

29. Mixed Nuts

30. Deck the halls

31. The Family Stone

32. Silent Night, Deadly Night

33.The Santa Claus

34. Carol

35. While You Are Sleeping

36. A Christmas Tale

37. Little Women

38. The Best Man Holiday

39. Elf

40. The Nightmare Before Christmas

41. The Muppet Christmas Carol

42. Home Alone

43. A Christmas Story

44. Daddy’s Home 

45. Daddy’s Home 2

46. Klaus

47. It’s a Wonderful Life

48. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

49. Almost Christmas 

50. Eyes Wide Shut


52.The Preacher’s Wife

53. A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas


55. Gremlins

56. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

57. Me Before You

58. Crazy Stupid Love

59. The Proposal

60. Holiday Rush

61. Miracle on 34th Street 

62. Knives Out

 63. Princess Switch

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