A Fan Made a Chronological Order of all 23 MCU Movies!

  • POSTED ON: May 28, 2020

If you are a Marvel fan, then you already know how complicated the entire universe is. The movies are not set in chronological order and some of them have a difference of more than thousands of years while the others exist in a totally different dimension.

The universe jumps back and forth between these timelines and this creates a complex set of movies that can only be understood if you have followed all ten years of MCU.
The thing that fascinates the fans the most about MCU is that it always leaves clues for other dimensions and so a lot of theories surface after the universe comes up with a new edition.

Source: Twitter

One dedicated fan Tony Goldmark decided to mark the chronological order of all twenty-three movies by analyzing each scene. Can you believe the amount of effort it took to come up with this?

He posted the screenshots of the timeline spread over four pages on Twitter and the post quickly went viral because of the sheer accuracy present in his work.

Goldmark made timelines of flashbacks too, especially the ones that took place in Thor and also traced the entire life of Steve Rogers, which is spread roughly over a thousand years from his Hydra control in Civil War to his missions with Bucky, each and every detail has been outlined.

Source: Twitter

Goldmark came up with his own wonder during social isolation so if you are as dedicated as him, watch the movies in order and see how precise his timeline is


Updated May 28, 2020
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