‘All my Friends are Dead’: 4 Shocking Facts Fans Don’t Know About The Movie

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  • POSTED ON: February 1, 2021

“All My Friends are Dead” is the latest addition in
Netflix’s foreign offering based on the concept of New Year Night’s fun gone
terribly wrong with a group of friends.

A big house, a few drunkard youngsters, alcohol, marijuana, drugs,
loud music, sex and most importantly, mysteries and untold truths that are
ready to come out and affect the lives of the characters in unexpected ways.

In this dark-comedy from Poland, a bunch of teens gather for
New Year’s Eve party, and their tumultuous party leads to exposed truths,
heartbreaks, and a shocking ending.

The movie is scheduled to release on 3rd,
February, 2021 on Netflix.

Here’s everything you need to know about this upcoming
movie and its shocking outcome:


‘All my friends are Dead” features some interesting
characters. Here’s the list of all the cast members:

Michal Meyer as Aspirant Grezgorz Dabrowski

Adam Woronowicz as Inspector Kawasniewski

Julia Wieniawa- Narkiewicz as Anastazja

Adam Turczyk as Jordan

Nikodem Rozbicki as Pawel

Monika Krzywkowska as Gloria

Tomasz Karolak as Chief (voice)

Mateusz Wieclawek as Filip

Yassine Fadel as Jacques

This is the second original Polish movies of the
streaming giant Netflix, having must watch trailers.

Considering that we are heading to Valentine’s Day, the
movie’s launch date is sort of relevant.


The movie has a runtime of only 90 minutes, making it a
short and easily-digestible watch! Also, it has some great original tracks so
if the storyline and characters fail to convince you, you will still want to
stay till the end for the sake of its music. Yes, it’s that great!

movie has a lot of sex, swearing, and drugs

While the portrayal of sex, swearing, and drugs are common
in a teen movie, “All my Friends are Dead” shamelessly uses all these
teen-defining activities a whole lot more than we can actually take.  Honestly, we don’t really understand the message
this movie is trying to convey; is it about karma that punishes bad behavior?
Or something related to the meaning of our life or the destiny that awaits for

Honestly, we don’t think that the creators of this movie
would put on that much thought into this movie, because all we understand is
the awful amount of swearing, sex and drugs.

movie features some highly-inappropriate sexist jokes and disgusting ideas

There is a sequence in this movie where a French Mormon is
taking to Jesus while having sex – this how they are trying to portray a
character’s imagination about religious dogmas. The movie also features some
disturbing and inappropriate jokes about sexism, which are bound to make you
cringe to the core.

Check out the trailer here:

Updated February 1, 2021
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