‘All My Friends Are Dead’: Top 10 hilarious memes and reactions

  • AUTHOR: midhat
  • POSTED ON: February 6, 2021

All My friends are
’ is a dark-comedy movie that revolves around a group of stupid
youngsters that go wild in a raunchy New Year Eve’s party. In simple words,
it’s a movie based on a New Year’s party fun gone terribly wrong!

This polish movie is funny, but hilarity isn’t enough to
make it a worthy watch; the movie is bold, but bold alone doesn’t make it a good
watch; it’s sexy, but sex alone doesn’t make it a worthwhile watch, it’s
violent, but violence alone…. well, you know! When all these aspects mix well
together into one, then yayyy, and if they don’t, well, then there’s no point
in wasting your time…

Despite having an impeccable cast and characters, All My Friends are Dead hasn’t received
well among both friends and critics. The movie lacks story and

Halfway through the movie, you will be scratching your head
thinking what is the message of this movie? is it about Karma
that punishes the bad behavior? Or some metaphorical representation of humans
going through existential crises? Well, it’s hard to say…

Not sure about entertainment, but this movie could come in
handy for raising anti-gun awareness; it shows that it takes only one firearm
for an entire house full of young individuals to go crazy and end up dead!

In addition to its tumultuous plotline, the movie features
some problematic sequences about sex and religion. There’s a scene where a character
talks to Jesus while having a rowdy sexual intercourse. Speaking of which, the
movie has an awful amount of sex scene and violence to the point where it’s too
hard to digest.

Shortly after the movie release, watchers flocked to twitter
to share their opinions and reviews. And as we can expect from a raunchy teen
movie, there are MEMES everywhere!

Here’s how fans are reacting to Netflix’s latest polish
movie “All My Friends Are Dead:”

If you haven’t watched this movie yet, check out the trailer

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Updated February 6, 2021
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