American Horror Story: New Poster Reveals Shocking Information about Season 10!

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  • POSTED ON: November 12, 2020

The latest season of
the popular FX show has a cryptic new poster that has left everyone dazed and
confused. The most cause of skepticism is that no one knows when the new season
will be blessed on our television screens.

Generally speaking,
2020 has been a rough year for movies and TV productions all thanks to the
deadly COVID-19 pandemic. However, in the last few weeks, many television and
movie production houses have begun preparation to dive back to work after a
long halt. Season 10 of FX’s

American Horror Story has become a glimmer of hope
because production has already started, giving us new reasons to be excited. In
fact, the series showrunner has also revealed a new poster of the upcoming
season, hinting what to expect. 

Considering Social Media, the Twitter account of American Horror
Story has posted a new photo on its account that shows someone
getting a tongue tattoo – don’t know if we should feel hurt or grossed
out. In addition, the person has jacked-up teeth, giving us insane ideas.

Back in March, Ryan
Murphy had revealed the first promotional poster on his Instagram page, with
the caption “Things are beginning
to wash up on shore…”

Again, the picture had
a bunch of dead-looking hands emerging from the sea – a major clue citing that
the next season could involve sea zombies! The latest photo in the series of
promotional posters includes sirens (perhaps, mermaids?) luring others on to
the sea to welcome their own death. 

When it comes to American Horror Story cast, Macaulay
Culkin, in season 10, is making his debut – this will be the first time the star of the Home Alone will be appearing on the franchise. Of course, the series welcomes back its gorgeous
alumnus Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters. The cast also includes Billie Lourd, Kathy Bates, Finn Wittrock, Adina Porter, Adina Porter, Lily Rabe,
 Angelica Ross and Leslie Grossman.

Source: Glamour 

There’s news that a
spin-off of the show is also on the cards. Apparently, it will be called
American Horror Stories with each episode lasting for one-hour, and they would
all be stand-alone.

And good news for the
fans – the show has been renewed for three more American horror story netflix seasons!

Anyway, we must say
that the latest posters reveal not much about the upcoming season. But in a
true American Horror Story fashion, the image is haunting enough to fuel
excitement for those waiting for the season’s arrival.

Murphy is known for
teasing fans of the anthology with cryptic images only to add more fire to the
speculations. While some fans believe that the tenth season will have aliens
and black lagoon with a global pandemic as the backdrop, nothing is confirmed

The production launched
in October after it got delayed fur to the pandemic. FX has not disclosed the
date of return but we do think that the series will return sometime next year.

In March, Murphy has
captioned one of the promotional pictures with this: “Looks like American Horror Story Season 10 is going for an October
(fitting) production launch. Thanks to everyone who is working hard to assure a
safe start for the cast and crew. And yes this is a clue.”

Look, in the fifth
season, the series tackled vampires, so that aspect is done and dusted. So,
naturally, the next best guess is mermaids and sirens.

it is, we’re certain that the latest series will give us the same scares and
spine-cold screams.


Updated November 12, 2020
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