Anastasia Hronas: Everything about Her Family, Rape, Death and Bravery!

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During the summer of 1985, Los Angeles residents were still
relishing the prestige of hosting the last year’s Olympics and appeared to be
rejoicing for being the mecca of sports and pop culture.

Simultaneously, a devil roamed around the city of angels
leaving behind seemingly disconnected dead bodies and sexual assault reports
across the city and surrounded areas from the summer of 1984 till the spring of

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Netflix’s latest documentary-series Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer tells the details of
the crimes and atrocities of a Satanic killer Richard Ramirez, from the perspectives
of investigators and survivors, counting Anastasia Hronas, who was kidnapped
and assaulted by Ramirez only at the age of six years.

“I was six and my first memory of that night is the window
opening… being woken up and then ushered out the window, and being carried,”
Hronas recalls her abduction in the 1st episode of the Netflix’s documentary series.

Here’s everything and facts you want to know about the brave
six-year-old survivor of the Night Stalker:

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Hronas’ abduction and sexual assault

The six-year-old Anastasia Hronas was sleeping peacefully in
bed when Richard Ramirez climbed from the window and carried her to the car. While
speaking in the documentary, Hronas recalls that she felt a sense of
“familiarity” in his arms while being in a half-sleep state.

She thought that the person carrying her was someone she
knew; hence, she didn’t display any resistance.

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Richard Ramirez, then, drove her across Los Angeles to an
abandoned house. “He told me ‘you need to be quite… you need to get in here…
don’t mess with me… do what I say,” she recalls.

Hronas remembers arriving at a place where she could hear
some barking dogs at a distant. He asked her to get inside a duffle bag, he
zipped and carried her inside the home.

Hronas describes the place as a dark “slimy home”; she
observed scattered food packages on the floor and Madonna’s music album was
being played on a loop. The singer’s popular singles “Holiday’ and “Like A Virgin”
became a horrifying score of her horrific rape incident.

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Once inside, he took her out of the bag only to sexually
assault her. The six-year-old was screaming in pain and begging him to stop but
he didn’t. He even asked him to let her go to the washroom to have a minute
without pain. But this monster didn’t let the minor out of his grip, carried
her to the sink and brought her back to carry on the rape.

“I remember saying ‘stop, this hurts… don’t’ or ‘why are you
doing this?” Hronas remembers. “I would say ‘can I go to the bathroom?’ he
would stop what he was doing, take me to the sink and sit me on the sink.
Nothing would happen for a while; then, he would take me back and continue.”

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After hours of continuous assault, Ramirez carried her back
to the car and dropped her off a nearby gas station. He guided the survivor to
go inside and ask someone to call for help.

Later on, a six-year-old survivor became crucial in
identifying Ramirez from the lineup and helped him send to jail for a lifetime.
Despite knowing that she had to face her rapist again in the court, she decided
to testify against him not to hurt any other girl as he did to her. In this
way, Anastasias Hronas survived.

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is Anastasia Hronas now?

Anastasia is now 41-years-old, who is living her life to the
fullest. She is married and has her own children. “I grew up, I went to school.
I got married. I have a family, I’m not letting that incident turn me into what
he was,” she says in the documentary.

Her unprecedented act of bravery and courage inspired
detectives, as they praised her in the documentary.

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Richard Ramirez died from cancer in 2013, after spending 23
years on Death in California’ San Quentin prison. He was 53 years old at the
time of his death.

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Updated January 18, 2021
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