Ariana Grande, Megan Thee Stallion, Doja Cat ‘34+35’ Remix Video Explained

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  • POSTED ON: February 12, 2021

God is
a Woman
singer Ariana Grande is back with a remix of “34+35”, but
this time she has her girlfriends on it.

Three divas of the music industry Ariana Grande, Megan Thee Stallion,
and Doja Cat have collaborated for a music video of Grande’s remix track “34+35.”

Produced by the team of Steven Franks, Tommy Brown, Peter
Lee Johnson and Travis Sayles, the song is the second track on Grande’s most
recent album, “Positions,” which was dropped at the end of October. It is the sixth
album by the Emmy-Award Winner singer.   

Earlier on Friday (Feb 5th), the three musicians
uploaded the same behind-the-scenes shots from the video to tease fans, wearing
sexy outfits while watching movies of themselves. 

The remix track “34+35” marks Ariana Grande’s first
collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion and the second with Doja Cat.

While the mathematical title of the song may suggest
something nerdy, the song’s video and lyrics are, in fact, straight-out

In the video, the iconic trio can be seen dancing around in
fancy lingerie, and having a spectacular slumber party in a hotel room. This is
the exact sleepover we all secretly want to be part of!

There’s nothing confusing in the music video, but if you
still need a detailed explanation of the meaning behind the song’s mathematical
name and its lyrics, this blog is for you!

The video opens with Grande laying aside a pool, flipping
through magazine pages, as the camera zooms out, revealing the other two
singers by her side. The video clip shows the trio sipping from their glasses full
of champagne.

“34+35 (Remix)” features two additional verses by Megan Thee
Stallion and Doja Cat, where the duo further heat up the song’s temperature.
Ariana Grande also includes a brand-new verse to reveal the meaning of the song

The remix version of the song is a lot steamier, sexier, and
hotter than the original. In fact, the latest song features more direct sexual
references as compared to the sexual innuendos that were in the original song.

In case your math is weak, the sum of 34 and 35 is “69.”
We’re pretty sure you don’t need an explanation about the sexual insinuation
behind this number.

The video goes on to show the trio laying on a staircase in
sexy outfits, while singing their verses one by one. In Ariana Grande’s verses,
the singer talks about how she is craving for sexual intercourse with her
partner. The idea may sound a bit crazy for someone else, but the 27-year-old
is desperate to have a steamy night with her partner. She continues telling how
she keeps her sexual performance upbeat by eating healthy, working out, and
even drinking coffee so that she can stay up all night. 

Doja Cat poses in front of the mirror and raps about her own
sexual cravings, singing about her overnight haul with her partner. She says
that her man brings a bag, too, because they prefer to do it all night. The
rapper tells that her neighbors are annoyed with sounds of clapping, but they
are not applauding with their hands! In her verse, Doja Cat also adds a reference
to her previous stage name “Tekashi 69,” as 69 is basically the entire theme of
the song.

The music stops for Ariana, as she orders some fries, champagne,
and some flaming dessert – the diva tries to remember the name of the dessert.

Then comes the stunning Megan Thee Stallion with her
twerking butt in a fancy bathtub.

In the video, she raps about how she is going to keep her
neighbors up with noises that’ll sound like a loud band playing. She gives a
reference to the iconic dancer, Cancan, who is known for her moves of throwing
her legs up whilst changing dresses. Women’s legs in the air re known as a
popular sex position, and the mention of such a dance style is believed to be
somewhat seductive.

The video ends with Ariana Grande remembering the name of
the dessert called “Baked Alaska,” but it was already too late as the hotel
just ran out of it!

“Fuck!” is what she says in response to the operator. 

Watch the full video here:

It’s been a few hours since the video was released on
YouTube, and fans are already obsessed with it! It has gained around 2 million
views within just 5 hours. Here’s how fans are reacting to the video:

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Updated February 12, 2021
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