Azealia Banks Dead Cat Video: The Rapper Accepts Practicing White Table Magic

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  • POSTED ON: January 13, 2021

Azealia Banks, the 29-year-old rapper, sparked anger and
outrage among fans after she posted a gruesome Instagram video where she was
seen digging up her dead cat and boiling its corpse.

In a disturbing clip, the controversial rapper along with a
friend appeared to be digging up the bagged cat’s remains named “Lucifer” who
died around three months back.

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She explained her weird act to fans in one of the videos on
Instagram, saying, “A lot of you guys don’t know, Lucifer the cat died three
months ago, and we had to put him in the ground, and we’re digging up for the
very first time, she’s coming back to life c****.”

In the now-deleted video, she could be heard saying, “The
cat… is in the bag.”

She captioned that distressing video with, “Lucifer
2009-2020. My Dear Kitty. Thank you for everything. A legend. An icon. Forever
a serval serve.” At least 80,000 people had reacted to this video before it was

What came next is something nobody could ever imagine! In
another video, the 29-year-old rapper boils the resurrected remains of her cat
in the large pot over the stove. Obviously, these graphic scenes weren’t taken
well among the fans. They took to twitter to express their disbelief and
disgust with memes. Here’s how they are reacting to the video:

We don’t know what’s more horrifying; watching Azealia Banks
documenting an entire act of boiling her cat’s corpse or declaring herself a


She called herself a “witch” in 2015, revealing that her
mother inspired her to do black magic. “My mother practiced white table magic.
Prayers to the ancestors and praying to saints and praying for all kind of
protection,” she said in an interview.

Apparently, it turns out that this whole dead-cat-boiling
act is actually a part of her juju to bring her beloved pet “Lucifer” back to

Now it makes sense why her cat named after a Biblical Satan.

If your stomach can take these gruesome scenes, you can
check out the video here where she digs up the dead cat:

You know what; this is not the first time Azealia Banks has
been condemned for gruesome animal treatment. In 2016, she uploaded an insane
Instagram video in which she was seen cleaning a cupboard after sacrificing
chickens for three years.

Just when we were convinced that it was some sort of a prank, the camera pans and we discovered a small closet covered with remains and
blood of sacrificed animals!

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Whatever is going on, the rapper’s mind is dark and pretty
disturbing! Fans are now concerned about her state of mind, with many wishing
and hoping for her recovery.

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Updated January 13, 2021
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