Bad Bunny’s new Crocs sold out in minutes and fans are furious

  • AUTHOR: midhat
  • POSTED ON: September 30, 2020

are here to ruin the day again…

Footwear getting sold out instantly at extremely
absurd rates is something we would only expect from a giant like Nike. But it’s not Nike sneaker that has released on its SNKRS app.

But not on Tuesday! This time, it is no other than Crocs! Yes,
Crocs — the bizarre, yet extremely comfortable shoe—that many of us love to wear. Haven’t you start searching finish line?

Bad Bunny, a Reggaeton superstar dropped his own
pair of Crocs as part of his partnership with the brand and his fans are
excited to get hold of these pairs ASAP searching finish line crocs bad bunny or bad bunny crocs for sale!

We can’t really blame them, though! The shoes are
quite cool and also shine in the dark if you see at finishline. The pair also has some interesting jibbitz
(the little charms that you can place in your Crocs’ holes).

Available for $60, these limited edition shoes are
limited to one pair/customer.

People were so desperate to get their hands on the
shoes that it got instantly sold out just within 15 minutes after release.

Of course, some of the buyers also include those
who buy all the stock and then take it to the secondary market, and try to resell at extremely
ridiculous prices while you keep on search how much are bad bunny crocs or bad bunny crocs retail price or crocs on sale. Right now, they are selling at a $300 price tag.

And the genuine buyers are not liking it at all….
They lashed out their frustration online, and rightly so. Here’s what they
said :

Unfortunately, this has now become a usual norm
when it comes to buying a popular, coveted item online. Whether it’s Nike shoes
or Playstation 5 pre-orders, resellers are ruining the customer experience and
it’s pretty bad!

For now, Crocs do acknowledge that the bots have
totally overwhelmed the stocks, hence, they have hinted to release them back.

So let’s hope that whatever is up next as in bad bunny merch, the true fans won’t get upset and will get a much better opportunity to grab these pairs. 

Updated September 30, 2020
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