BAFTA Awards: Rebel Wilson’s Hysterical Speech Left the Audience in Shambles

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  • POSTED ON: February 6, 2020

Source: US Weekly

The 73rd British Academy Awards ended with Sam Mendes’s film 1917 swiping all the headlining awards of the season. This list included the Best Director, Best British Film, Best Cinematography, and Best Film categories. Come to think of it; the entire award ceremony was fairly predictable. No people of color were respected or given the deserving nominations. Meanwhile, Joaquin Phoenix, Brad Pitt, and Laura Dern picked up their honorable awards.

The ceremony held at the Royal Albert Hall in London was strangely not broadcasted until two hours later that too occurred after disappointing and sad complaints were fired at the showrunners all across the social media. However, the most epic failure this year was none other than Graham Norton’s attempt to host this ceremony. All of his jokes were cringy and seemed forcefully rehearsed.

Source; Australian Breaking News Today

The show was terribly dull until Rebel Wilson came along. Her speech was full of dark humor, and she fired one ball after the other – pun intended. She took a jab at everyone and everything that is current – all in good humor, of course.

Royal drama, coronavirus, Cats (the movie), and the all-male category of directors – you name it, she didn’t leave any stone unturned. It was clever, humorous, and fantastically timed. Although it must be acknowledged that the Royals didn’t seem impressed when she bought up Prince Andrew and Prince Harry in her speech, the overall reaction to her speech was ridiculously funny.

Source: New Zealand Global News

Anyway, after making a joke about the whole royal situation, she mocked the failure of Cats – the movie. Then, she commented on her outfit, which was ideologically based on the notions of sustainability. She also suggested that the BAFTA trophy could be used as a mask to protect ourselves from the coronavirus. The audience was a riot after this joke, and honestly, Wilson was incredible.

She left the best one for the last. Rebel Wilson was asked to announce the category for Best Director, and this is how she chose to do it. She said: “I look at the exceptional daring talent nominated in this category, and I don’t think I could do what they do. Honestly, I just don’t have the balls.” – *drop the mic*

Can’t believe, Rebel Wilson did THAT. She funnily called out the bigotry of only nominating men in the important category. This was coming, to be fair, as who could deny the phenomenal direction done by Greta Gerwig in Little Women?

Well, after this fantastic speech, we’re petitioning to hire her as the host for the Oscars this year. What do you think?

Updated February 6, 2020
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