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  • POSTED ON: April 13, 2020

We’re all going through a rough patch lately. There is a conflict in our minds as we want to do something productive and useful with our time, but at the same time, we also feel lazy and unmotivated.

Due to COVID-19 people have gone back to the basic pleasures of life. Hence, whether it is painting, reading, writing, or playing a musical instrument, people are spending time doing the things that they loved. And they’re posting all about it on social media, inducing a sense of FOMO in others.

However, it is important to realize that this time of social distancing should be used to do the things that rejuvenate and satisfy you. So, if you feel fine doing nothing, don’t pressurize yourself to learn a new skill. This isn’t a productivity contest.

Now if you are someone who is a keen fan of documentaries, then we might have some suggestions to give you.

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American Factory

American Factory is an impeccable and highly enlightening documentary that tackles two topics that have been extremely relevant in the last three years: Life of an American middle-class family and the relationship between China and USA. It’s a fantastic film that taps into the harsh realities of life. When General Motors plants shut down, many people are left jobless. Hence, this is an event that resonates with many people. 

Bleeding Edge

Bleeding Edge explores the harmful side-effects of the medical field where the consumer and commercial culture often infiltrates the medical industry. Many organizations sell products with the sole ambition of making money. They’re completely free from the notions of responsibility and humanity. This story is about the people in the healthcare sector who capitalize on products that don’t genuinely hold healing properties. 

Reversing Roe

Reversing Roe is an interesting documentary as it presses the hot button issue of abortion. The creators interview both sides of the argument. Therefore, you’d get to view people who are against abortion and you’ll find people who support bodily autonomy for women. Furthermore, topics like religion, morality, and agency are also explored. This is an interesting watch for sure!

Paris Is Burning

Paris is Burning is a nod to the ball culture that is very much alive and kicking. You’d be blown away to find out that FX’s POSE is deeply inspired by this documentary. This film really turned out to be a groundbreaking experience in the history of film-making. This story tries to reach a wider audience to educate them about the various facets of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox is simply one of those documentaries that force you to see the unimaginable side of white women. In 2007, Amanda Knox made headlines and was held accountable for murdering her roommate Meredith Kercher. In fact, her then-boyfriend was also framed alongside her and was imprisoned in Italy till 2011. What really happened? Well, this is the real story! 

Apart from the aforementioned list, you might also want to catch Get Me Roger Stone and Blackish. These documentaries really open up your eyes and show you reality up close.  

Updated April 13, 2020
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