Big Brother returns with new restrictions amid Coronavirus pandemic

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  • POSTED ON: August 6, 2020

The all-star group is joining us for the 22nd season of Big Brother
tonight – and of course, everybody is going to be taking precautions as this
unique season hits it off during the pandemic!

still not given any clue regarding the housemate identities and everything is
kept under wraps. Host Julie Chen Moonves is also clueless about the 16
contestants who’re about to spend the next couple of months together. However,
one thing is confirmed: All the participants were quarantined before the

to the host, there are more than 16 people who were flown to an unknown
destination to quarantine. Moonves further added that the participants that
were previously known ended up testing positive so they’re naturally out of the

another interview, Chen has explained that the rest of the essential staff is
mandated to wear a mask throughout the production period. They also compelled to
take the test on a weekly basis. 

the shoot, Moonves will be required to take off the mask, however, as soon as
the commercials hit, she’ll be putting it back on. 
new plan is that every crew member will wear colour-coordinated lanyards and
will be restricted to areas marked with that color.

addition, every time a housemate will get evicted, all rules of social
distancing will be followed – meaning no shaking hands or hugs with the host.

also took time to speak about the evolution of her hosting tactics. She
candidly said that she was terrible in the first seasons.

“Let’s just say what everyone
knows: I was the Chenbot. I deserved that name because I was robotic. I came
from a news background and I was asked to do this show and I thought, ‘Okay,
I’m going to be really straight, with no personality, because my original dream
was one day to be a correspondent on ’60 Minutes.’ And I was told if I do this
reality show, I probably am shutting and sealing that door shut from ever going
through it. I’m going to prove them wrong.’ They were right, by the way. I was
never asked to do 60 Minutes.”
– She said.

she later added that she has become her own and gotten fairly comfortable with
the hosting.

“I finally learned how to
embrace the Chenbot. The stars of the show are the ones in the house. I’m just
the conductor of this train. So, sometimes letting my personality show. I
learned that also from I did eight years on ‘The Talk,’ where again, I had to
learn how to not be so newsy and just not editorialize and kind of bring a
little bit of my real personality to the table. So it’s been a journey for

can’t wait for the season to start!

Updated August 6, 2020
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