Biggie Smalls| What the Netflix’s ‘Biggie I Got a Story to Tell’ Documentary did not reveal about the Notorious B.I.G!

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  • POSTED ON: March 11, 2021

you’re wondering whether or not the Netflix documentary revealed anything
regarding the notorious B.I.G, you’ve come to the right place.

creatives behind the documentary series sat down to discuss the stories about
Biggie – stuff that even his close circle wasn’t aware of. They promised that
the documentary series touches upon the criticism and his text messages with
Jay Z. So, naturally, we all got hyped up and decided to watch it with full

earlier this month, ‘I Got a Story to Tell’ was released on Netflix. And to our
disappointment, the documentary revealed nothing that we didn’t already know.
The documentary is actually about everything that went behind the scenes – what
truly made him the star that he was. His friend Damion, “D-Roc” Butler was seen
taking us through some personal footage and giving us a glimpse into his life.
He was being vulnerable, showing us what he’s like when he’s with his inner

Emmett Malloy deep-dives into his life, introducing us to his friends and taking
us around the places he went to. He showed us how he became Christopher
Wallace. You can see his visits to his mother who lives in Jamaica – you also
see a sight of his uncle and grandmother who were jazz musicians.

of telling us about his murder, we get to see how a star was born. We see how
he was in his childhood, the neighborhood he grew up in and the places he’s
been to. It’s a story of reminiscence instead of murder and plotting. This is
exactly where the makers went wrong – they literally tricked us and played with
our sentiments.

it’s not like we’re not interested in knowing him or what he was like behind
the scenes. But the documentary was sold as a murder mystery and it ended up
becoming a tale of his stardom and how he achieved it all.

course, there was a small section at the end that discusses his murder, but
that wasn’t what the documentary was about. The makers discussed the people who
played a key role in his life. Hence, you could see Jay Z, who was a fellow
rapper from Brooklyn.

have been raised regarding this documentary, and most of them are about his
death and books. In fact, there was a point where people discussed not just his
death but also compared it to 2Pac’s death. But that’s not what the makers of
the documentary have done here – they’ve tried to sell a story of a superstar
who was, and still is, loved by fans worldwide.

the books and movies written about him have found a connection with the
audience, as they’ve been about his music. But it’s tragic that we lost such an
incredible performer so soon, and yet so little is discussed about his death.
Of course, it’s important to find the right synergies to tell this particular
story, but this was a lost opportunity.

another way to look at this documentary is this: What if they were trying to
tell us the story of an innocent Christopher Wallace and how he became
notorious as an MC? These are important stories to tell. But maybe it could’ve
been better if the makers had marketed it accordingly.

most anticipated part of this research is when Damion Butler comes into the
picture – he’s the friend who didn’t speak about him for 24 years. Of course,
he has stories to tell and things to unravel.

thing is for sure – Netflix’s notorious B.I.G documentary will be an emotional
rollercoaster. There are people who grew up listening to the songs and, for
them, this will be a huge revelation. It’s incredible to see how much this
24-year-old has impacted the world with his craft.

if you bought the marketing, you need to dump those expectations. But if you’re
going in without any expectations, you’ll be surprised.

bottom line is to manage expectations and like our page on Facebook, as we
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tell us your thoughts after watching ‘I Got a Story to Tell’ the inside story
of this 24-year-old.


Updated March 11, 2021
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