Bizarre TikTok Challenges To Make You Cringe BIG TIME!

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: September 1, 2020

There are normal people, and then there are TikTokers who take up the most bizarre challenges.

“Stupid is as stupid does”, this famous Tom Hanks dialogue from Forest Grump perfectly fits on Tiktokers, and we really mean it because “Stupid is what Tiktoker does, quite literally!

Users of the social media app TikTok make short videos that feature humor, music, dance moves, and obviously cringe-worthy content by viral folks.

While TikTok is an excellent source to lighten the mood and take our minds off of the anxiety, it is also the platform where the craziest people fail to differentiate between what’s cringy and what’s really entertaining!

Yes! When we say bizarre, we actually mean eating cereal from a human mouth bowl (gross!) and corn sticking it to a drill machine (like, wow!)… 

Many TikTok challenges go viral with seemingly harmless intent, driving people to record, lip-sync songs, dance moves and even testicle-dripping”- plus people flexing their dancing talent along with a moving car. Unfortunately, we still have three months to survive through the 2020-disaster fest, and people are already getting pulled in by some dangerous, atrocious and bizarre challenges.

Check out the alarming array of risky TikTok challenges:

1. The Cereal Challenge

This challenge involves two people, one who becomes the bowl and the other one is the eater! The bowl person lays down with mouth open, and a person pours milk and cereal into the mouth and then eats breakfast from the human “bowl.”

Apart from the challenge being downright gross, things can get super messy, not to mention a choking hazard for the volunteer vessel.

2. The Penny Challenge

Only a wooden-headed would perform such a horrible endeavor! The challenge has already been identified as “beyond moronic and pathetic.” It involves slipping a coin between a loosely-lodged phone charger into the socket and watching when it sparks.

Last year, a student from Massachusetts school performed this challenge and caused a massive fire.

Dude, next time if you wanna see fireworks, go to a goddamn amusement park!

3. Kissing a Friend Challenge…

This challenge is quite adorable in the list, only if your best friend kissed you back! To perform this challenge, one has to make sure that they have a BEST FRIEND, step 2: brace yourself for the consequences beforehand, step 3: there’s a chance you may lose your friend.

It’s quite gut-wrenching, and heartbreaking at the same time (if you get rejected!) Quite irony seeing people kissing their friends just to hop on the trend, make sure not to attach any feelings, duh!

4. The Chair Challenge

It’s actually something only women can do due to the different point of gravity or something… this challenge involves standing up close to the wall, taking a few steps backwards, bending down and putting your head against the wall, taking a chair and pulling it against your chest and trying to lift it up!

Women can actually have pretty easy timing with this, but men don’t, to say the least! If you literally want a man on his knees quite literally, tell him to take up this challenge! Still, confused? Check out the video below!

5. The Jello Straw Challenge

This challenge is nasty and idiotic to the levels not defined! People are trying to slurp up the jello-like a straw without biting into it! You may find this challenge no muss no fuss, but surprise! None of the TikToks i have seen of this challenge has ended well; some even choked really bad!

6. The Testicles Challenge

Here come the most bizarre TikTok Challenges of them all, where men are dripping their testicles into Soy Sauce, checking if their testicles have a sense of taste…. 

Yes, you have read that correctly! People have actually taken up this challenge and if you ask me, it is super GROSSS!!!! No wonder why men can be extremely dumb occasionally!

TikTok has already received criticism from across the world, especially from Donald Trump for idiotic reasons…

Despite that, people taking up weird TikTok challenges and creating new ones are on the rise, especially during the Pandemic… Needless to say, there’s no entertainment when provided with a risk of life and morality.

To just summarize the TikTok idiocy with one single gif… 

Updated September 1, 2020
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