Bobbleheads the Movie—7 Shocking Facts and Details You Need to Know

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  • POSTED ON: December 9, 2020

Universal Pictures has come out with an exciting new feature film, Bobbleheads The Movie. Yep, that’s right, the animated film about the bobblehead dolls takes you on a ride to a strange new world. In this universe, humans are the enemies, and their pets have it out for the dolls and are always trying to destroy them. It can be categorized as a scary movie because the nodding-head figures can make you feel a little unsettling.

The movie is directed by Kirk Wise, who is known for his brilliant work in Beauty and the Beast. The voice cast is also pretty special with Karen Fukuhara, Khary Payton, Jennifer Coolidge, Julian Sands, Brenda Song, and Luke Wilson.

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Bobbleheads will build on the success of the studio’s previous releases, which include the Trolls: World Tour. The movie aims to build a franchise out of a brand that’s loved all around the world. And the best part is, it’s going to be available across multiple platforms ranging from Blue Ray, DVD, On-Demand platforms, and digitally from December 8th.

Even if you have a huge collection of bobblehead figurines that can sometimes leave you feeling a little unsettled with all the nodding, chances are you are unaware of these 7 shocking facts about Bobblehead the movie 2020, and the dolls in general.

Before we dive into that, here’s the bobblehead meaning: It’s a figurine with a large head that’s disproportionate to its body, and so it bobs up and down.

Guest Appearance by the Legendary Cher
and not Edward Scissorhands Bobble Head

With bobble Cher’s guest-starring in the movie, there’s nothing more left to see in this world. What’s more exciting is that the Goddess of pop voiced Cher bobblehead. She plays the role of a bobble guardian angel to the bobbleheads that are trying their best to defend their house against intruders.

Cher has taken on many diverse roles in her time in the industry, be it in Mamma Mia or Here We Go Again, and she has never once disappointed us with her performance. We also have high hopes for her as a bobblehead.

Bobbleheads have existed since the 1760s

Chinese nodding-head figurines were first sighted in a portrait done by Johann Zoffany showing Queen Charlotte in her dressing room at the Buckingham Palace. Two bobblehead figures can be seen in the background.

To dive a little deeper into the history lesson, these figures were imported into America, Europe, and England from Canton. They gained popularity when the Prince of Wales developed an interest in Chinese decorations and dedicated a room at Carlton House only for precious Chinese collections of different things, including a wide range of Chinese figures.

Moreover, in 1901, Germany started to make bobblehead dolls of animals which were loved by many people. When the popularity grew, pop-culture adopted bobblehead dolls as its very own. This is how Beatles bobblehead dolls were made and are still greatly valued.

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Bobblehead dolls are made out of different materials

If you think there is only one type of bobblehead dolls, you couldn’t be any more wrong. The truth is, they can be made out of many different materials.

These include resin, plastic, ceramic, and even wood.

Most commonly, bobblehead dolls are made out of resin and plastic. Resin allows for greater detail and finer contour on the body of the dolls. The ones that are created from plastic require to be cast from a mold. The most popular kind of dolls are the ones that are made from plastic, but they are covered with a felt cloth. It helps add texture and detail and makes the dolls more appealing to the eye.

January 7th is National Bobblehead Day

Bobblehead dolls their very own day to celebrate them, yes that’s true. So if you haven’t taken these dolls seriously, maybe you should start doing so from today.

The day is dedicated to exploring how fun bobblehead dolls can be. There’s hardly any sports legend or political personality left that doesn’t have its dolls; even the Supreme Court justices have their bobblehead versions.  

If you haven’t started collecting bobblehead dolls for your collection, start right away! Or you’ll miss out on all the head-nodding fun.

The largest bobblehead is 4.69m tall

A world record was made by Applied Underwriters in Florida, USA when they built the largest bobblehead the world had ever seen. The 4.69 meters tall version of St. Bernard, who is the mascot for the insurance company is truly adorable. It’ll leave you in pre admiration as the makers of the bobblehead, Dino Rentos Studios, has done some of its finest work on the giant bobblehead.

The best part is, you can do more than just admire the bobblehead from a distance. There’s a leash around the dog’s neck, which you can pull at to make the dog nod.

A pair of bobblehead dolls were sold for $36,000

$36,000 is a lot of money; we can’t believe someone gave that up just to get their hands on two bobblehead dolls. The pair of bobbleheads was of a husband and wife, and it was created in China back in the 1800s, making them the oldest dolls to exist.

That’s where it derives its value from. According to Bobblehead Hall of fame, the dolls were sold for $35,925 at an auction that took place in 2010.

You can express your love with it

Bobblehead dolls are not just for show. You can do more with them than leave them sitting on your car’s dashboard. You will be shocked to hear that you can use a bobblehead doll to express your love to your partner.

Don’t worry; not every bobblehead doll looks scary. Most are actually pretty cute. The Bachelorette participant, Chris Bukowski, did that, so why can’t you? He gave Emily Maynard two customized dolls that looked exactly like them. We know it was a successful gesture because the audience absolutely loved it! Those two didn’t end up getting married, though, but the bobbleheads didn’t have anything to do with that.

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Updated December 9, 2020
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