Bonnie and Clyde (1967) – The Unknown Truth about the Criminal Couple

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Bonnie and Clyde – a
criminal couple romanticized in history for all the wrong reasons.  Today, every other song gives a reference to
their romance, making it everlasting. Who were they? What is their story? A
myth? Lovers? Delinquents? Continue reading to find out!

Bonnie Parker and Clyde
Barrow were young individuals who went on a crime spree in the 1930s during The
Great Depression. This was an era in time when everything was short-lived, due
to which people lived in the moment and did whatever they could to survive.

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The myth of Bonnie and
Clyde supports the notion that they were a highly stylish couple on a mission
to break the conventional life and status quo. In reality, Bonnie and Clyde
lived an uneasy and challenging life filled with injury and fool’s luck. They’d
often escape the scene last minute, only to find themselves in even
more risks and danger.

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Soon, they became the
ultimate media stars after the police caught photos of them playing with guns.
Little did they know, this narrative would soon become their story. But it
wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that their unfortunate tales ended up provoking
the lust for the legend they became.

Today, the power of
this couple is an inspiration to musicians, writers, and visual artists. You’ll
find them in the media, in casual conversational references, and most
importantly, in our memories.

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Let’s get on with the
facts now.

Died Wearing His Wedding Ring

People actually don’t
know that Clyde wasn’t the only man Bonnie loved. In fact, she got married to Roy Thornton, her high school classmate, right before she turned sixteen. Of
course, the love vanished within months, and she never saw him after he went to
jail in 1929 for robbery. But the interesting thing is that she never divorced
Thornton. This makes us wonder whether she truly got over him or not?

But soon after Thornton
got imprisoned, she met Clyde. When Bonnie and Clyde died in 1934, she continued wearing her wedding ring and there was also a tattoo found on her right
thigh that has two interconnected hearts with her and Roy’s name labelled.

Enjoyed Writing Poetry

An interesting fact
about Bonnie is that she was a capable writer. She excelled at creative writing
back in her school days. In 1932, she got imprisoned for burglary, and that’s
when she wrote a collection of 10 odes titled “Poetry from Life’s Other Side”.
In addition to this, two weeks prior to her death, Bonnie had also given a
prescient poem to her mother titled “The Trial’s End”.

Navy Rejected Clyde

Life could’ve been
vastly different if Clyde had been accepted by the US Navy. As a teenager, he
enlisted in the US Navy but due to poor medical report, he got rejected. This
really disappointed him, because it seemed like he had it all planned. He had
even tattooed USN on his left arm. Anyway, life had other plans for him.

Was First Arrested When he Failed to Return the Rental Car

Do you know that the
notorious criminal was primarily arrested for an automobile theft? In 1926, he
failed to return a rental car which he had taken to visit his estranged high
school girlfriend.

Who would’ve imagined
that a criminal of such reputation started out with such a small crime? In
fact, the rental agency even dropped the charges! But again, he was bitten by
the crime bug of some sorts because, three weeks later, he and his brother were
arrested again for the possession of stolen turkeys.

Stabbed His Rapist to Death

In 1930, Clyde was
sentenced for 14 years in the Eastham Prison Farm. He was convicted for a
series of robberies, but thanks to his mother, he was let go after only a
seventeen months. His mother pled the governor of Texas for Clyde’s parole.

But the damage was
already done – in these intense seventeen months, he was almost starved to
death and violently thrashed by the prison guards. Many even believe that he
was also raped by another prisoner who he eventually murdered. Even though it
was one of Bonnie’s “lifer” friends who took responsibility for it, it was actually
Clyde who stabbed him to death.

Chopped Off Two of His Toes

This is when things
began to look gruesome for Clyde. As you know, Clyde was sentenced to 14 years
in prison in 1093. But, in the January of 1932, he failed to endure the
brutal circumstances at the infamous Eastham Prison Farm. His thoughts were
clouded and sanity in question, and that’s when he decided to severe his left
toe in the hopes to get transferred to a less ferocious facility.

This permanently hampered
his walk and stopped him from wearing shoes during drive ever again. This
step was later deemed as unnecessary because, only six days later, his mother’s
request for the parole was accepted. .

and Clyde Were Buried Separately

Bonnie and Clyde wanted
to be together forever, but their final wishes were not granted. Before dying,
the couple said that they never wanted to be apart and wanted to be buried

Bonnie’s mother,
however, never liked him and always disapproved of their relationship. And so,
when the time came, she buried her daughter separately in a Dallas cemetery.
Clyde, on the other hand, was buried next to his brother Marvin and on his

“Gone but never forgotten” was engraved. And how true is that?
Despite her mother’s attempts, Bonnie and Clyde became known to the world as

What stories have you
heard about Bonnie and Clyde? Do you think their life was a tragedy or were
they culpable lawbreakers?

We’re living in a world
where people leave no stone unturned in romanticizing serial killers. And the
Bonnie and Clyde death is a testament to the fact that the world of pop culture
is and will always be obsessed with delinquent minds.



Updated December 29, 2020
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