Bossy Bride Slammed For Giving Dress Code List To The Guests

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  • POSTED ON: August 16, 2020

Good luck to her husband!

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A Bridezilla with an extremely long or extensive list of requirements and demands comprising that the guests must wear fake eyelashes, keep phone chargers with them and wear “sexy and stylish” dresses has been going viral.

One of the guests posted a picture on the Facebook group of the bride’s comprehensive list, stating: “That’s it, I’m Wedding Shaming”, showing the outrageous list of requirements for the guest to follow in the event.

While a few couples provide their wedding guests with general styling guidelines to show how big/small or formal/informal the event is, this bride went a lil further by mentioning minute details in her demands including accepted hairstyle and makeup for the big day.

Among other guidelines was to wear clothes that would highlight the physical attributes than wearing the ones that would mask the attributes you dislike.

Well, she has set a benchmark for being the most annoying Bridezilla of the decade!

The guidelines also include the female guests to wear full makeup as well as fake eyelashes. The female invitees should also ensure that their nails are perfectly manicured.

They are only allowed to attend the event in ‘clear, natural, subtle’ colors.

The guests who were wearing sleeveless dresses with floor-length were only allowed at the wedding. While women guests were asked to come wearing open-toe- heels, she (the bride) mentioned that the heels should be kept at a four or three-inch height.

Also, she emphasized that the guests shouldn’t wear wedges. Bizarre!

Moreover, she explicitly mentioned that the outfits and accessory choices must be sent to the bride before the event via email for approval and adjustments.

Updated August 16, 2020
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