Broom Challenge: Pseudoscience is Sweeping Away The Users

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: February 12, 2020

You know how they say that you can post anything on social media, and if it grabs the attention of the audiences, it can go viral?

From Drake’s Kiki landing many people in the hospital to the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS, the Internet never ceases to amaze us, and this time the users dragged NASA into their shenanigans.

Source: Twitter

One Twitter user @mikaiylaaaaa posted a video of #broomchallenge, claiming that NASA stated that 10th February, Monday is the only day broom can stand still because of the change in Earth’s gravitational pull.
The video went viral as millions viewed it and thousands of people including celebrities like Tory Lanez and Paula Abdul took up the challenge, posting videos with hilarious captions.

The space agency, which inspired the people to do this stated that they did not release any such information and the reason behind the trick is based on physics and not some planetary movement. So it turned out that the challenge was fake and you can do it almost any day if you know the phenomenon behind it.

Source: Twitter

In fact, NASA got a little too invested and decided it was time to educate the people, so they released a video featuring astronaut Alvin Drew and scientist Sarah Noble to show how the standing broom on one particular day is just a myth.

You can watch the video at

See how Drew balances the broom while Noble remarks, “Did you do the broomstick challenge yesterday? Well, turns out you can do it again today.”
However, #broomchallege is not something new. It first originated in 2012 when users thought that the movement of planets causes the object to stand but apparently, it has more to do with gravity and physics.

NASA says, “This is another social media hoax that exemplifies how quickly pseudoscience and false claims can go viral.” And well, we agree. So the next time you take up such an intense pseudoscience challenge, look up the facts and verify the source to save yourself from the disappointment.

Updated February 12, 2020
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