‘Buying a House before Marriage’ How Netflix’s Marriage or Mortgage Explains the Idea

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  • POSTED ON: March 9, 2021

all know the drill – you fall in love and then comes marriage. So… when does
mortgage come into the picture?

we have all the answers – actually, Netflix’s upcoming series does. Marriage
and Mortgage is a brand new Netflix series that is going to premiere on the 10th
of March.

Surprisingly, the show has a fixed set of audience that is
desperately anticipating the release. Nichole Holmes and wedding planner Sarah Miller, who are
the official real estate agent and wedding planner of the show, sat down for an
interview to describe their experience and give a glimpse into the behind the
scenes action.

what exactly is the show about? Purchase a home or sell the home? Married couple or unmarried couples or home before marriage? or may be tying the knot to change the marital status?

Well, according to the trailer, we can
understand that some couples will be asked to decide between their wedding
dress and home. Confused?

Aren’t you already tired of listening interest rate, joint tenant, sole ownership, credit score, equal shares, student loan debt, mortgage interest, joint tenancy and similar difficult terms?

Well, Marriage or Mortgage is a show that will test
the convincing powers of a real estate agent and a wedding planner – 10 couples
would have to decide whether they want to break their bank over their dream
home or their dream wedding dress.

has 13 years of experience in the real estate business, and she resides in
Marion, Illinois. Miller, on the other hand, is the owner of Southern Vine
& Co. and it’s her life’s ambition to help couples get their fairy-tale

comes as no surprise that Miller considers herself a “traditionalist”. In the
interview, she reveals that she believes in the institution of marriage, and
that it should always be prioritized above all.

She says that she was given the
same option 10 years ago, and she chose the wedding. She added that she decided
to go for the latter because, apparently, houses come and go but it’s the
wedding that lasts a life time— and so, it should be magical.

is this really true? Do you actually believe that houses come and go so easily?
Some would like to argue that partners come and go and the houses should be the

What about the finances?  But
again, at Hayvine, we respect everyone one’s choices and opinions.

on, Holmes has a much practical view on life. She claims that she’s not
“anti-marriage or anti-love” but she ardently endorse the idea of stability and
smarter finances.

However, she mentions that the state of affairs are such that
more than 60% of marriages end up failing and taxes keep increasing— leaving
more and more people in debt.

we think marriage is great, but weddings are expensive and there’s a huge
difference between the two. In comparison, mortgage should be prioritized, as
that’s not only practical but also rewarding in the long term.

Holmes agrees
with this point and says that weddings are simply 12 hours of party, whereas
mortgage is your future investment.

in the series, the experts will be bringing in the couples and asking them
questions to get insights into their lives – their wants, dreams, and budgets.

Keeping the acquired information into mind, Miller starts persuading them to create
their fairy-tale wedding, whereas Holmes finds them the perfect property around

How Does Miller Convince People To Invest In
Their Dream Wedding?

said: “We get to wine and dine them
basically on both ends and have fun. But at the end of the day, they ultimately
have to make a huge decision. One cool thing is, some of them chose differently
than we really thought they were going to

can clearly see that Miller willingly persuades people to focus on something
temporary as weddings. She masterfully convinces them to invest on weddings
rather than their future. And it’s like she forces couples to do that – they
accept the offer themselves and are ultimately satisfied with their decisions.

How Does Holmes Convince The Couples?

said that she had a good set of people, and that all couples were unique. She
had biracial couples, same-sex couples, old, young, and all groups in between.
Basically, she wanted to say that there’s something for everyone.

that dream house is part of the American dream – but when student loans and
social mobility come into the picture, the dream starts to vanish.

Do you know
that the rate of rejection by mortgage lenders is higher for Black applicants?
Debts are the reason behind the millennial dread, and so, the practical option
is always to go for mortgage!

series is based on Nashville, and so the couple are aware of the home prices
and the fact that they’re skyrocketing. Some people can afford to have both
their dream wedding and house but most people cannot.

What’s the point?

might assume that the show will only heighten your worries and induce fear of
marriage. However, the show is going to focus on the opposite. The experts are going
to try their best to impart wisdom to young people and teach them how they can
manage expectations.

They’ll also be guiding them how to prioritize life and
budget accordingly. Investment and decision making are the key ingredients, and
a qualified professional will help them develop an open mind.

there was a couple that couldn’t afford to buy flowers for their wedding and
she helped them understand where and how they can place their money
strategically. It’s clear from the preview that audiences will be equally
divided into #TeamMortgage and #TeamMarriage, and the hosts will serve as the

It all comes down to whether or not you’ve been served with
generational wealth or not, because in today’s time and age, stability is key
to survival.

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a house real estate is such a drastic decision and has a serious impact on life
– security and lifestyle adjustment. Hence, Netflix’s new show has such a
delightful yet important theme.

You must watch this show if you’re buying a
house before marriage or even as a boyfriend or girlfriend you’re thinking of
buying a house.


Updated March 9, 2021
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