Call My Agent’, here’s everything about season 5?

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Que se passe-t-il!
Excuse our French but the comedy series ‘Call My Agent’ will not be returning!

The latest news
circulating on the web regarding the eccentric hit series “Call My Agent” is
nothing but unfortunate. First of all, the comedy genre is already tough to
pull off – something this show successfully managed – and after earning a
sincere and devoted fan base – the showrunners have decided to call it quits.

Yes, the show that originally streamed on France 2 and later got added to
Netflix due to popular demand, has officially announced that it will not be
returning for season 5.

However, before you
jump on the bandwagon and start bashing the producers of the series, understand
and hear what they have to say.

According to them, despite wanting to make more
seasons after four seasons, they were asked to end the series at the fourth season, which released
last October. 
All episodes of season four had released exclusively on the
streaming platform and were met with an elated response from the global

If you’ve not watched
the series yet, you’re lucky as you still have the opportunity to binge the
entire show for the first time and experience the thrill that is undeniably

The show Call My Agent
is actually the perfect amalgamation of comedy, drama, and sensitivity.

It has
honestly mastered its craft and established a strong grip over sensitive topics
by channeling utmost precision and authenticity.

The series tackles with the
dark world of the entertainment industry with a unique plotline and twists. The
show has four permanent cast members, who’re essentially the marketers of
Parisian skills business enterprise.

More issues that are
queued in this series are related to sexual harassment, pay parity, and other
social problems. The idea is to give an insight into the world of glamour – it
shows how agents have to bear with celebrity tantrums and eccentric attitudes.

However, all of these issues are highlighted under a fairly comical tone. None
of these issues will be in your face or done in a serious manner. On the
contrary, they’ll be underlined with humor and absurdity.

What about the cast of
Call My Agent?

Like mentioned before,
the series has four main characters who’re permanent members of the cast.
Andrea Martel is played by Camille Cottin, Arlette Azemar is played by Lilane
Rovere, Thinbault de Montalembert can be seen playing the role of Mathias
Barnesville, and the character of Gabriel Sarda is played by Gregory Montel.

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All of these agents are central to the show
but there is a fabulous supporting cast that truly adds another level of charm
to the series with articulate and authentic performances.

Some of those faces
include Stéfi Celma as Sofia Leprince, Nicolas Maury as Hervé André-Jezak,
Fanny Sidney as Camille Valentini, and Laure Calamy as Noémie Leclerc.

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Now let’s get this
straight – the narrative of the show might seem too plain and predictable but
it’s the self-deprecating humor topped with panache of wit that makes it a
delightful experience for the viewers.

In Season 2, an episode
was dedicated to Binoche – an actress known for elegance and class but not
underutilized when it comes to comedy. 
This was her shot and she made the most
of the opportunity.

In the series, she was shown as a clumsy actress who was
trying to speak in English at the Cannes Film Festival.

The rest can be
unraveled after you watch he episode – we don’t want to spoil it for you!
However, we’re going to say that she was outrageously hilarious in some scenes.

In another episode, you
meet Bellucci – An actress often compared to Marlyn Monroe who complains that
she can’t score dates. Irony at its best!

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Basically, the show has
hired actors with a certain personality and has tried to give it an absurd and
over-the-top twist. It deals with extremes efficiently without losing touch
with reality.

Some of the viewers
might think that the humor in the show is somewhat referential because all
jokes are situation-based and cleverly executed keeping the characters in mind.

While watching the series, you’ll be blown away by the observational humor that
has been deftly incorporated into scenes. You’ll find a rich balance of satire
and ridiculousness.

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Initially, there were
rumors that the French television series Call My Agent Season 5, French series, would return on
January 21, 2021. But there’s no release date since there’s no new season – it’s
the end!

Honestly, there’s no
reason for you to skip this series – even though you’ll be miserable after
season 4 ends and you have nothing good enough to fill the void in your life
with. But hey, aren’t we all masochists? 

Updated January 22, 2021
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