Canvas Movie 2020: Shocking Facts, Reviews, and Trailer

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  • POSTED ON: December 9, 2020

movie that is going to make you all cry!

Well, well, well…..

Look who enters the world of animated movies, created to
make people cry: Netflix!

Guess Pixar is getting out of business soon.

Jokes apart, the upcoming animated movie, Canvas is coming to Netflix this
December and it looks oh so emotional!

the story of a grieving grandpa who is sent into a downward spiral after
suffering a tragic loss. The grandfather is a wheelchair-bound artist who 
his inspiration to create something new. So, he decides to revisit the easel
and pick up the paintbrush, and there he finds an unexpected inspiration to
create again.

Brace yourself for an emotional roller coaster ride, as
tears will be rolling onto your cheeks on December 11th.

This latest addition to Netflix’s animation library is directed
by Frank E. Abney and produced by Paige Johnstone. Abney is a talented animator
who previously produced the Oscar-winning short film Hair Love and also contributed in the upcoming Pixar movie Soul.

We’re going to get Canvas
this week and Soul two weeks after,
we better stock up those tissue boxes already!

The official trailer is already out! You can check it out

Canvas is a simple and inspirational short film, similar to
a classic Pixar movie like Geri’s Game. But director Abney adds a uniqueness to
the formula by including a painterly scene animated entirely in 2D. The scene
features grandfather dancing on the clouds of his old canvas with his deceased

It’s a fascinating way to depict a farewell and a new beginning with a fresh canvas.

While people are mesmerized by the emotional aspect of the
movie, there’s one thing that caught everyone’s eye: the accurate
representation of Afro hairstyle and hair textures.

Seeing an animated movie that actually does afro hair
properly, we’re sold ready!

Here’s what fans are saying after watching the trailer:

So, who’s excited for the movie? Also, don’t forget to go through these 80+ incredible Disney movies to binge-watch this Holiday season! Happy Holidays!

Updated December 9, 2020
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