Carmel: Who Killed Maria Marta: 10 Most Unbelievably Heartless Reactions to Maria Marta’s Death

  • POSTED ON: 17/Nov/2020

Carmel: Who Killed Maria Marta is a Netflix documentary that has taken the world by storm, just like the actual case the documentary is based on. Fans and spectators across the globe are mind blown, as they’re suspicious of literally everyone who’s part of the story – even the family.

The new Netflix docuseries is a four-part Spanish-language story that grapples with 2002 murder of an Argentinian sociologist Maria Marta Garcia Belsunce. The woman was found in her bathtub, dead.

Maria was 50 years old at the time and was sharing a home with her husband of 31 years – Carlos. He was later accused and arrested for her murder charges and spent five years in prison after which the prosecutor’s conviction was overturned. Turned out, he spent five years in prison for nothing as he was innocent.

Initially, the theory which prevailed was that she has accidentally hit her head and drowned in the bathtub since the autopsy had ruled her death as “non-traumatic cardiac arrest”. Most of the family, even Carlos bought this story fed to them by the doctors.

However, soon her family insisted on the further investigation because her brother was not entirely satisfied with the reason. After a couple of weeks, the autopsy revealed that she had been shot several times. Even after the family requested for privacy and respect, viewers couldn’t hold back and believe the story – they felt that the family was behaving mysteriously and with the prolongation of the case, the suspicion increased too.

For example, one Twitter user who watched the series wrote: "I’m watching Carmel on Netflix and this s*** is WILD. I’m only up to the 3rd episode but I’m convinced a family member killed her.The way they acted after finding her is suspicious enough for me."

Some people made up their mind only in the third episode. Maybe our generation has watched a lot of CSI because it’s actually bizarre to presume something so outrageous when you know how tricky the case is, and that someone has already wasted five years of their life in prison for nothing over this.

Meanwhile another one said: "Just finished Carmel: Who killed Maria Marta on Netflix and I still can’t figure out who tf killed her but her family is forsure very suspicious."

What everyone keeps pointing out is the fact that the family was acting strangely and that erupted more suspicion. But, here’s what we think: Is there an established way to act when your wife or family member dies mysteriously? Are you supposed to say certain things or be overtly emotional in case your loved one dies? What is all of this about? Grief comes out in varied forms and if that’s leading to suspicion, then that is a bit odd.

Someone else tweeted: "Binged new true crime doco Carmel on Netflix and wow the way the family messed with the crime scene is mind blowing. I'm convinced the family are responsible otherwise there was no need to hide evidence."

Some people said that the family was hiding the evidence. If that was the case, wouldn’t they be done with the case by now? It’s been 20 years almost and the case is still on. By now, they’ve been through more ups and downs than an entire season of Game of Thrones.

However, there were some people, who just like the prosecution, couldn’t figure out what happened to her: "Just finished watching Carmel Who killed Maria Marta .... Very strange set up.... Hard to tell who killed her...Her husband and family are definitely acting strange if you ask me... But the question is why would they be involved in her killing?!?"

Finally, someone made some sense. The final question is why. Why would the family want to kill her? The entire setup was genuinely strange.

And all suspicion against the family should go down the drain when Carlos himself keeps pleading innocence and asking the system who killed her.

Below are some more heartless reactions to the documentary:

This person has a lot of nerve to make such wild accusations underneath the trailer on YouTube. What if it’s all part of a conspiracy theory? What if the family genuinely had no idea and they believed what the doctors claimed? They only wanted to put her to peace for which a death certificate was required and that could be the only reason they hurried to get the death certificate. There are so many possibilities.

Another comment that was discovered under the trailer on YouTube was this. Like, we get it – Donald Trump is pathetic, but this person also looks pathetic. Why would you make a joke out of someone’s murder like this?

Furthermore, even if you think it was the family, there is still a chance that they’re all completely innocent and the theory about the burglary was true. So now you’re making fun of their grief and years of trauma. 

Sure thing.

Sounds like a CSI storyline to you, doesn’t it?

Okay, this comment is coming across as rude but they’ve got a point.

Finally, there’s someone who gets it! This entire case was frustrating as hell. The case was handled with stupidity and ego instead of responsibility and care. There was no logic and the drug cartel angle only added more complications to the case.

Whatever may be the reason, the case is a puzzle with endless pieces, and no one seems to find the right piece at the right time. It’s like an onion, the more you peel it, the closer you seem to get to the core.

Will we ever find the core of this murder? Guess we’ll have to wait and find out. 


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