Carmel: Who Killed Maria Marta: What They Didn't Tell You In The Documentary!

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Are you a geek of true crime series? If so, Netflix is serving you with yet another deliciously cooked documentary or a true story that is about the suspicious death of Maria Marta.

A new docuseries called Carmel: Who Killed Maria Marta is premiering on Netflix on the 5th of November to kick-off your monthly consumption of real-life crime tales. This is a two-decade-old case that shocked the world with its dismissive result – a woman from Argentina was brutally murdered at her home, but her death was ruled as an accident. 

If you’re like us – people who can’t fall asleep at night without watching at least one good episode of a crime show, this docuseries is surely going to light you up like a Christmas tree. The series will investigate the details of her tragic death and point out the flaws in the legal system that existed back in the day – and some even today.

If you’re a 90s kid, you’ll have memories of the time this case exploded our television screens and gradually gained momentum as well as public support. It did manage to challenge the broken system that not only protected criminals but also power-hungry individuals. 

The series will unveil how her death was declared an accident in the initial trial even though she was shot in the head. The documentary will also address how law enforcement bungled the investigation – which ultimately led to the disappointing truth. 

It’s obvious from the trailer that this series is out and out controversial – an uncomfortable food for some. The series will be added to the true-crime compilation in which Tiger King and Unsolved Mysteries already exist. Netflix is surely broadening its platform by bringing more high profile docuseries to its previous additions – establishing a strong repertoire!

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The murder of sociologist Maria Marta Garcia Belsunce exposed the foul play that openly takes place in the system. Her death moved people to tears, as her story resonated with the young girls who’re already living in fear all the time.

Before going into details, let’s go down the memory lane and remember who Maria Marta was.

She was a 50-year-old sociologist and charity worker who used to live in Pilar Buenos Aires with her husband Carlos Carrasosa. She was married to him for over 30 years and they had no children.  Her body was found at her home which was located at a gated community, Carmel.

So, what exactly happened to Maria Marta?

Marta was found in her bath on the 27th of October while her husband was watching a football match with his in-laws. Initially, the police claimed that it was all an accident and that she had fallen and hit her head on the tap. Her family bought the story and signed the pre-made death certificate, as it made the burial process easy.

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However, her step-brother didn’t buy the lie and urged a thorough investigation. After several weeks and a lot of drama, her autopsy revealed that she was shot five times before being dumped in the bathtub. But this begs the question… why was her death considered an accident at first?  What would have happened had her step-brother not forced a detailed investigation?

Well, even though the obituary stated that she had died in an accident, the ambulance officer came out and revealed that he had found three holes in her head. This was later verified when her body was exhumed, and the forensic team discovered five bullet holes in her skull. Later, the investigators also discovered bullet fragments that were flushed down the toilet.

This was literally like a scene from a true-crime show. After the demise of an innocent individual, evidence came into attention, leading to prime suspects, her husband, brother-in-law, and even the doctor. Fingers were pointed in every angle – brother blamed the husband whereas the husband felt otherwise. No one mentioned a drug cartel at this stage. It was a while late when Molina Pico got access to a cryptic note on Marta’s computer. It was this grand evidence that solved the puzzle and put an end to speculations and media trials.

Who killed Maria Marta?

Carlos, her husband, went to trial and was acquitted in 2007, and two years later he was found guilty. The court overruled his appeal several times. It wasn’t until 2016 when the blood samples revealed the DNA analysis don’t match. Her family believes that Marta was a victim of a botched robbery and that someone had broken into her home, and she simply faced the consequences.  Anyway, even today, the case remains unsolved. It’s been 18 long years, and the murder is still a mystery.

Arrests Warrants and Murder Angles

The case is such a mystery that no one has been able to identify the murderer. Throughout the years, there have been several angles observed: For example, at first, people blamed the husband, but soon it was the brother-in-law, and one time, even the half-brother. Later, it was a drug cartel involved, and then came the money laundering angle.

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The police tried to cover up the murder in the beginning and called it an accident. Today, we know that there were two accomplices in her death and that it was probably a burglary.

Director Alejandro Hartmann said that the making of this documentary series was challenging as the evidence was all over the place. However, he admitted that he has great respect for the facts and he tried his best to cover the story in great detail. 

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The English subtitles stopped before last show was over. No idea what was said for about last 8 minutes of it.

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