‘Case 39’, Jaw-Dropping Facts About the Dreadful Film

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Case 39 is one of the scariest (not more than this) American supernatural horror films we have ever seen. If you think this is an overstatement then you probably haven’t watched the movie.

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Directed by Christian Alvart, the film takes you on a roller coaster of a ride with Emily Jenkins, a social worker living in Oregon. Played by the talented Renee Zellweger, Emily is assigned to investigate a family for a potential child abuse case. This is the family of Lillith Sullivan (Jodelle Ferland). She’s a ten-year-old girl who is struggling at school because of an emotional rift with her parents that are Margaret and Edward Sullivan, played by Kerry O’Malley and Callum Keith Rennie.

Based on her suspicions that Lillith is being abused by her parents, Emily decides to visit her house. If you’re someone who doesn’t like spoilers, then stop reading this blog right now. Go watch the movie first and come back to finish reading.

Emily’s doubts are confirmed when she receives a call from Lillith in the middle of the night saying that her parents are trying to kill her. When the social worker reaches the little girl’s house, she finds her trapped in the oven and her parents trying to gas her alive.

After this incident, Margaret and Edward are captured and sent to an asylum, while Lillith comes to live with Emily till she’s assigned a suitable foster home. Little did Emily know that her act of kindness would nearly cost her her life. As it turns out, that Lillith herself is the demon, not her parents. Emily finds this out the hard way, after losing her best friend Douglas to Lillith’s tactics.

It’s revealed later that Lillith possesses the power to create people’s worst fears come to life in the form of hallucinations. She’s a Succubus-like demon that feeds off emotion.

There are so many turns and twists in the horror story of Case 39 that it keeps you hooked till the very end. This is where we see Emily planning to end Lillith, and Lillith trying to kill Emily. You’ll have to see for yourself who succeeds, as this is something we won’t be revealing here.

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One of the most interesting facts about the movie is that it has alternate endings. If you’ve watched the movie in the theatre then you would have seen only one end. However, if you rented a DVD, then you would have got a special features section where the film ends a little differently. Oh, who are we kidding, it ends in a completely different way. And it will leave you in shock!

While filming this supernatural movie, a scary incident happened on set that’ll blow your mind. On October 31, the film’s set that was in Vancouver was set ablaze and the entire studio was destroyed. Nobody knows to date how that fire started.

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The release of the film was once delayed because of this incident and another time, till it finally came out on October 1st, 2010. The film yielded a total of $15 million in grosses. “It’s a big relief. It’s been frustrating, obviously. If you make a movie, you make it at a certain time in your career and you want it to come out close to that time, not when you’ve already moved on,” said the director Christian Alvart.

What’s unusual about Case 39 is that it was first released for the Hispanic audiences, especially in Spain and Mexico. This is where it earned more than $7 million.

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This is strange because neither the movie was written with a certain targeted audience in mind nor it has anything to do with Hispanic people. The only connection that can be made is that Latino audiences love to watch horror films. Gabriel Reyes, a marketer who works with movie studios on outreach campaigns states that in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, “Not so much the slasher things, but really the supernatural is what we’re drawn to.

So, based on the international box office, if they do a good job on marketing, they have a good chance to build from the Latin audiences up.”

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And as predicted, Case 39 did incredibly well at the box office, in the United States, the film opened at a ranking of number 7, moreover, in other countries around the world including New Zealand and Australia it also receives ranks as high as 12, on the weekend of its release.

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We find it shocking that Case 39 received mostly negative reviews from film critics, while some said they found it fright less, others believed it had an unoriginal plot. But we don’t know what these people are talking about, Case 39 definitely made it to the top liked horror films in our list.

Decide it for yourself by watching it with friends and family this weekend. Also, check out the 11 top games and movies you can’t miss in January. Don’t forget to let us know what you thought about the movie on our Facebook page.            

Updated January 14, 2021
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