Cecil Hotel Trends on Google after Release of Crime Scene: Vanishing at the Cecil hotel Netflix

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  • POSTED ON: February 11, 2021

finale of Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel was on point and managed
to shock the viewers fantastically!

first three episodes of the series unpacked several mysterious information that
was related to the disappearance of Elisa Lam. The series is based on the deadly
hotel Cecil situated in Downtown Los Angeles. The final episode of the Netflix
series concluded the murder mystery with an unsatisfying explanation. In the
previous episodes, it had only provided conspiracy theories that revolved
around the disappearance and the eventual murder of Elisa Lam.

was a bit annoying to find that the series was self-aware of the mystery
surrounding the hotel and the public’s interest regarding it. There were
infinite possibilities but—to our utter dismay— it resorted to the most
predictable and obvious explanation. The series counted in all the historical
relevance that the hotel holds in the modern times.

we can’t deny is the fact that the first three episodes were simply a stretch.
It simply kept beating around the bush and went on a rampage of conspiracy
theories. It could’ve easily concluded the story in the first episode or two at
max. Basically, the constant delays kept testing our patience, due to which
many would even argue that they lost interest.

series is directed by Joe Berlinger, who also made another famous Netflix
series called Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes” and “Crime
Scene”. Both shows, on an individual level, cover a series of investigations
that were unfolded in specific locations.

You will find a brief interaction of another
crime series based on Richard Ramirez – The Night Stalker – who went on a
murder spree in the Cecil Hotel. He murdered three sex workers at the hotel,
for which he got convicted later on. This show is a valuable addition to the
stories of violence stemming from LA – a place where the crime rate keeps

fact that the autopsy of Elisa Lam came out so unexpected was enough to capture
the attention of the viewers – but the makers had to test our patience and increase
our frustration by delaying the finality of the case.

the pace and the length of the series, this was worth a watch considering how intriguing
the case is. It portrays how human behavior is so strange, how everyone is
capable of monstrosity, and—ultimately— it all boils down to choice. 

the premier of the final episode of Cecil Hotel Netflix, social media went
berserk as a lot of people were not aware of the actual case and they were
shocked by the ending. The crime series validated the theories of many, as it
supported the paranormal activity theory to a large degree.

if you’re interested in watching a true blue crime series – give it a go!

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After the release of Crime Scene,
Cecil Hotel trend is breaking the internet, especially Google. Hence, know all
about the notorious Cecil Hotel by watching the documentary.


Updated February 11, 2021
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