Celebrities Who Are Total Jerks In Real Life

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  • POSTED ON: July 4, 2020

If you’re living under a perception that your
favorite celebrities are angels and heroes in the real world too, then brace
yourself to get really disappointed!

Perhaps, nobody knows what it’s like to be in
celebrity shoes other than the celebrity itself! When constantly hounded by a
bunch of annoying fans for selfies and paparazzi capturing their every move,
even the most patient one would lose their mind and snap at some point.

We can’t really blame anyone for getting a bit
salty (they’re also human beings like us!), but that doesn’t give them any
leverage for being rude and arrogant all the time!

Seriously, you can’t expect every celebrity to be
as awesome as Keanu Reeves (I’m pretty sure he would fight the world for his
dog even in reality too), but expecting common etiquettes (like tipping after
dining at a restaurant) should not be a heavy demand!

The truth is, most celebrities have curated
personalities, and only a few know what’s actually behind those drapes…  Here is the list of celebrities who pretend
to be saints in front of the camera, but are actually real ass behind it!

Still can’t get over with no.9!

1. Ariana Grande licked donuts and left

Ariana Grande wasn’t lying when she sang “Don’t call me Angel

Source- Insider

Called as “Diva” by her employees, the spoiled
singer has a habit of requesting people such as tour managers and bodyguards to
carry her around wherever she wants. She is also known to have a cheeky and rude

In 2015, she was spotted at California’s local shop, where she licked some donuts and pastries at the counter, and left
without even buying them! Understandably so, she was fiercely criticized after
the shocking incident.

2. Tobey Maguire disrespected a waitress

A friendly neighborhood
Spiderman turns out to be not so friendly after all!

Source- Brightside

Tobey Maguire is nothing like his on-screen
appearance. In 2014, the actor made it to the news when Molly Bloom, A-list
poker hostess, ousted his loathsome behavior and reaction at the table!

She not only calls Maguire the
“worst loser” and “worst tipper” but also told a shocking story that left everyone filled with
awe! According to Bloom, he once commanded her to “bark like a seal who wants a
fish” for a $1000 tip. And when she refused and laughed it off, then
he held a piece over the hostess head and said, “I’m not kidding. What’s wrong? You’re
too rich now? You won’t bark for a thousand dollars… BARK!!

Someone’s gotta teach him some basic manners

3. Brooke Shields was bashed by Tom Cruise

The “mission”
is really getting “Impossible” for the actor to control his nerves!


Over the years, the popular actor has been under hot water
for his short temper, over-dominating attitude and intense rants about every other

In 2005, Tom Cruise received fierce criticism over
calling a fellow famous actress Brooke Shields “irresponsible” just for taking prescribed
medication meant to treat her clinical depression. The actor even said in his fiery Today show tirade that the downfall of
her career is because of the medicines she took! Unsurprisingly, Cruise’s
remarks offended many of his female fans and were also taken in a bad taste!

4. Justin Bieber spits on fans

Yes! It’s
too late to say sorry, Bieber!

Gone are the days when the singer used to be the
most likeable teen pop star, now he has a reputation of being rude and arrogant!

The Sorry
Singer was reportedly seen using racial slurs, spitting on fans, and driving
under influence of alcohol. Though, he is trying to make it up for his poor
actions (especially after being thrashed and brutally ridiculed at Comedy
Central). We all know he has to do much more than getting married to clear up
his past actions….

5. Rihanna hit a fan with a microphone

We didn’t
find love here, Rihanna!


In 2013, during a concert in Birmingham, England,
the pop star icon Rihanna smacked her microphone over the fan’s head. She was
performing “we found love” at that time, and the fan tried to reach for her
hand. Later, she admitted that the incident was deliberate.

6. Ellen DeGeneres almost tried to fire a
waitress over her nail polish

She clearly
doesn’t practice what she preaches!


Fans’ most lovable host and comedian, Ellen DeGeneres,
who concludes her every episode with a statement “be kind to one another”, not
necessarily does what she really means! In fact, Kevin Porter, a podcast
producer, refers to her as “one of the meanest people alive!”

In a twitter post, posted by Porter to ask people
about their meanest encounter with the infamous host, he was overwhelmed with
the response he got from her former employees to the restaurant’s staff. The
most shocking response was from a waitress narrating how DeGeneres almost tried
to fire her from the job. And the reason was her chipped nail polish!

7. Jennifer Lawrence claimed she’s “Incredibly
rude” to fans!

The Hunger
Games actress is not hungry for love!

Source- Go

Lawrence accepted that she always puts on a “mean
face” whenever she moves in public in an attempt to avoid annoying fans.
Apparently, it’s her style to defend herself from unwanted attention. She makes
a face and straightforwardly says “no!” for a selfie, wherever a fan tries to
approach her at a restaurant table.

8. Kristen Stewart was called an “Off-Kilter

She is
currently under Hot Waters!


A twilight actor was included in the Reddit’s
thread about the Jerk Celebrities. One user claimed that the actresses caused
many troubles during the filming of Underwater,
to which the production company was forced to postpone filming for a month.
She was allegedly “constantly getting into verbal and physical confrontations”
on the set. One user even called her
“an absolutely emotionally off-kilter maniac.”

Well, that’s harsh!

9. Michael Jordan pushed an old fan lady

If you’re
disappointed to see his name on the list, then you’re not alone!

Source- The

A legend of both basketball and Space Jam is not so great when it comes
to dealing with fans. He once pushed a little old lady fan when she tried to
approach him for an autograph. He also has a reputation of making insane
demands while dining at restaurants, and he doesn’t even have the courtesy to
leave any tip.

10. Jennifer Lopez doesn’t like to interact with
service industry workers

Yes, she
ain’t our Mama!


Star Magazine reported, a source close to Lopez
confessed that Hollywood’s biggest star often denies talking to service
industry workers. The pop star has been known to completely ignore the service
workers as if they do not exist at all! Once during a flight, a reporter from
the same magazine enquired her if she wants to drink anything, then the star rudely turned her head away and asked her personal assistant “please tell him I’d like
a Diet Coke and lime.”

Updated July 4, 2020
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