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  • POSTED ON: April 10, 2021

Charles Sobhraj, the famous
serial killer has revealed that he doesn’t wear rings as they don’t fit him.
But he is married – though that hasn’t stopped him from all the famous love
affairs he has had so far! Sobhraj, currently spending his life sentence in the
narrow room in Kathmandu’s Central Jail, said that once he gets released (so,
he still has hopes to get out) he will return to Paris and get himself the finest
engagement and wedding ring possible!

Do you know that the latest
show, The Serpent is based on the life of Charles Sobhraj? The show mainly
portrays his relationship with girlfriend, Marie-Andrée Leclerc, also known as
Monique. But what the show doesn’t cover is his notorious relationship and
ultimately marriage with Nihita Biswas – the daughter of his lawyer!

His life has always been
dramatic, but no one knows how the 64 year old serial killer, serving his life
sentence, managed to get a 20 year old Nepalese stunner fall in love with him.
This was, of course, his second marriage.

Back in the 60s, he was known
for running a network of passport forgery and this is how he used to con
western tourists. He ended up marrying Chic Parisienne and even has two
daughters from his first marriage – one of them is eight.

Do you know that Nihita Biswas
is actually a pretty smart and talented woman? Also, Sobhraj and Chantal (his
first wife) are friends even after their divorce? In fact, she continues to
help him out and has helped him before when he had to leave Paris suddenly.

was even followed by one of the Chinese girls Sobhraj once lived with before
his deportation from India.    

His first marriage ended back
in 2003, when he got arrested for the murder of an American tourist in 1975! 
This is what Sobhraj said about
his first wife: “
I did not love her.
For me to fall in love, the woman has to be intelligent.”

He further said that his love
affair with Nihita was instantly a love at first sight! She had apparently
walked in the prison three months before he made this confession, and was the
interpreter for his French lawyer.

Interestingly, the law was not
even in Nepal when Nihita had gone to meet Sobhraj in prison. But she had an
effect on him, a wild chemical stimulation that made him want to see her again
and again!

Nihita once revealed that
Sobhraj used to call her again and again with excuses of another assignment. He
even gave her a huge shopping list – full of mostly canned stuff. This might
sound strange and unbelievable considering they were both surrounded by massive
prison guards at the time. But it’s so absurd to know that their romance
blossomed in that environment!

She was once asked how she
managed to understand him, to which she said that all she had to do was look
into his eyes and read his lips.

One question that is on
everybody’s mind is how the massive age gap didn’t matter. Nihita is apparently
unfazed by the whole situation. She doesn’t care about his criminal background
and accepts him for whoever he is – even with his eight year old daughter.

don’t know what he was. What he is now is important. He is a good man, I have
seen the way he cares for his family. We have a good relationship. He’s
innocent. There’s no evidence against him.”
– She

Both twisted minds have accepted
their love for one another and exchanged rings. They haven’t gotten married as

yet, but they plan to do the official ceremony once they get out. They also
want to write a book together, in which they want to express how they found
love in the most absurd timing and circumstance.

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Updated April 10, 2021
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