Cheers on Netflix: Everything about Season 2, Cast, Release Date, and More!

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  • POSTED ON: February 3, 2021

The second season of the fan favorite Cheer
is soon returning for another run. The actors and producers of the second
season of the Netflix documentary are keeping a tight lip as they don’t want to
give away too much too soon.

The first season of the Netflix series
premiered last January and instantly blew away critics and audiences alike. It
received a rating of 82% by the seven critics at Metacritic,while the Rotten
Tomatoes gave it a shocking 96 percent from 23 reviewers. 

In addition, the series continued to win throughout
the award season in various categories like, Primetime Emmy Awards for
Outstanding Directing for Reality Program, Outstanding Cinematography,
Outstanding Picture Editing, etc.

Created by Greg Whiteley, the series is about
an American Cheerleading squad – the Navarro College Bulldog Cheer Team from
Texas. It shows the reality of the team, it’s emergence to top, and the
struggle for perfection.

The first season of Cheer kept its focus on
the team’s preparatory rituals and cheerleading competition in Daytona for the
2019 season. It is expected that the second season might shift its focus on the
2021 season, as a result of which the second season could come out in the later
months of the year. However, it’s the second season that the fans are impatient
about because the renewal has not yet been announced. 

The first season of the Netflix documentary
series introduced us to the daily lives and activities of the Navarro College
Bulldog team. The coach of the team could be seen soaring to success at the
Daytona during the National Cheerleading Championship. The team comprised of 40

Hence, the second season of the documentary
might continue to focus on the team’s activities or it may diverge to another
storyline and focus on Navarro’s competitors.

The docu-series includes Monica Aldamaas the
coach of the cheerleading team. Furthermore, the cast includes Gabi Butler,
Jerry Harris, La’Darius Marshall, and Morgan Simianer, etc.

If you’ve watched the first season, you’d
know that the team’s tumbler gets kicked off the team. However, we feel that
she might return in the second season.

As of now, there is no trailer or  the release date related to the second season.
But if you’ve not seen the first season, you must give it a shot!

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The first season dropped January 8 of Cheers
on Netflix. Just wait till we find out everything about season 2 for you!

Updated February 3, 2021
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