Chelsea Handler Celebrates 46th Birthday by Going Topless Again!

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  • POSTED ON: March 1, 2021

else would you celebrate your 46th birthday?

Handler wore nothing but a pair of underwear while skiing on her 46th
birthday. She posted the video on her Instagram account on Thursday – she can
be seen slaloming her way down the snowy mountain in tiny blue bottoms and ski

the caption, she wrote that she wanted people to know that it’s important to
celebrate your body at every age and size. This, according to her, is what 46
looks like – with some peptides. As she skied down the snowy mountain, she
wanted to give a huge shout out to the two countries that she has the strongest
ties with. She also told people to stay hydrated – what a public service!

message was simple, but was it necessary? You tell us!

she continued her conversation about the two countries. She said that both
countries can learn a few things from one another. Then she made a joke that it
doesn’t matter which country she’s in – she like to take off her clothes in

to celebrate her birthday, she urged her fans to donate to Can’d Aid – an
organization dedicated to delivering clean water to Texans in needs. She ended
her note with the message that “giving is

you think this is the first time Chelsea Handler has gone naked on social
media? Of course not!

She had gone naked back in November also – she
wore nothing but an ‘I Voted’ sticker so as to encourage the US citizens to
vote in the 2020 presidential elections. Because, obviously, people will vote
if a naked woman tells them to, right?

is a unique woman with ultra fascinating interests. In 2016, she filmed for a
documentary series for Netflix and it was titled Chelsea Does. The documentary
series had four episodes, each dedicated to four subjects:Marriage, Silicon
Valley, racism, and drugs. 
She then started another show – a comedy talkshow
with the same platform.

This show was generally comedy but had a serious
undertone. It was about varied things all wrapped in under 60 minutes. The show
ended up having two seasons – the first season streamed every Wednesday and
Thursday and the second season streamed every Friday. By the end of the second
season, she decided to focus on activism and so that was the end of the show.

year, she launched a new project on Netflix – it shed light on White privilege
and the impact this privilege has had on her life. Last year, she produced and
starred in a stand-up special for WarnerMedia’s HBO Max. On this show, she
discussed her family life and her experiences of therapy and friendships. 

incredibly interesting things have happened in Chelsea’s life. Do you know that
her sex tape got leaked and started being offered for sale in 2010? She once
revealed on her talkshow that the sex tape was made as a joke and she had one
put it on an audition tape for a comedy club.

what’s strange here is that the year her sex tape got viral, she attended a
dinner party hosted by Jeffery Epstein – a convicted sex offender. She was
joined by several big profiles like Woody Allen, Prince Andrew, and Charlie
Rose – again, a league of controversial figures.

think it’s over? Well, maybe we’ve just started – The 46 year old has led a full

2011, she revealed to The New York Times that she had an abortion at the age of
16. She said: “because that’s what I
should have done. Otherwise I would now have a 20-year-old kid. Anyway, those
are things that people shouldn’t be dishonest about.”

2016, she revealed that at 16 she had had two abortions instead of one.

about her is off – she makes a show about racism and stands for activism and
all thing justice and then she does this:

October 23rd, 2020, she appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy
Fallon. As you know, 50 Cent was endorsing Donald Trump in the re-elections and
so she said: “had to remind him that he
was a Black person, so he couldn’t vote for Donald Trump.”

she completely didn’t understand why we didn’t want to vote for Donald Trump

A privileged White woman
missing the whole point… once again. How wonderful!

she publicly apologized for her racist comments the next day after the internet
bashed her all night.

hope the coming year will be less controversial for the public figure. Happy
birthday, Chelsea Handler!

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Her birthday suit was interesting
in our opinion – to her it was probably a way to mark her 46th
birthday in the best way.  Are you bold
enough and not mind going topless again and again on social media like her? Like,
sure let’s get naked to celebrate! Let us know if you mind stripping down or
wearing that birthday suit to celebrate yours.

Updated March 1, 2021
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