Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: A Sour and Poor Ending

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  • POSTED ON: January 2, 2021

We’d like to extend our
congratulations to Chilling Adventures of Sabrina for successfully doing
something that great shows like Mindhunter couldn’t do – end on its own terms.

After a year full of rumors suggesting its irrevocable end, the show
respectfully took the departure train itself in its fourth and final season.
But here’s the catch – the abrupt ending of the supernatural teen drama has set
a new benchmark for terrible and poorly written finales.

Of course, this review
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Here’s Netflix’s one more treat for you!

Well, let’s get back to
it, shall we?

Do you guys remember
reading the Divergent series? If you do, do you remember the end where the
protagonist dies? That’s exactly what happened here – Sabrina is dead. 

But wait, this is not
even the worst part. Seriously, a show needs to be incredibly terrible if you
think that the death of the main character was not its worst part. So
basically, when Sabrina dies, we were okay and unbothered, but in the final two
minutes, it was revealed that Sabrina’s boyfriend Nick commits suicide to be
with her in the afterlife.

What the f –?

They literally showed
two teenagers dying for one another to indicate a happy ending. This is exactly
what the problem with teenage shows is these days – they’ve romanticized
suicide and glorified unhappy endings. Perhaps Netflix needs to have a
conversation with its creatives because the route that the Chilling Adventures
of Sabrina followed was created by 13 Reasons Why – another Netflix original.

Despite having a
different team altogether, the show made the same mistake. The idea that is
being subliminally enforced into the young and impressionable minds of
teenagers is that true love is to commit suicide.

And let’s not forget
the way this show casually deals with death – that aspect of the show doesn’t
even underline the poor ending. Like, characters have died in the past and made
a comeback with help from a little magic, they’ve also visited and returned
from hell, but they showcased the deaths of Sabrina and Nick as irrefutable.
They’re now in the afterlife where the two lovers can be together forever… but
at what cost?

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We need to have a
conversation with teenagers about love and sacrifice and all things toxic.
They’ve completely misunderstood the context and bought the notion that tragedy
is ideal.

No matter what the
writers say now, this ending cannot be justified. Yes, there can be slight
foreshadowing and thematic buildups, but at the crux of it, it’s plain stupid.
When you watch the first few episodes of the series, you realize that it’s
simply drawing inspiration from its cousin-series, Riverdale, and selling
spooky storylines and characterization.

The start of season
four was actually a bit interesting as there was a threat of another apocalypse
with every character responding in its typical fashion. Come to think of it,
some squid-like monsters that took over Sabrina’s residence were dumb in a
hilarious way. In one of the episodes, a nod was given to the original series
where they showed Greendale transform into a fascist and parallel universe. So
when the usual witch-shenanigans turned into suicide glorification, it seemed a
bit ode.

The addition of more
Fright Club meetings or Aunt Zelda zingers can’t make up for the terrible drama
that transpired. Even the prudence outfits fall short in making up for the
disastrous ending decided by the creative team. They way they tried to disguise
hopelessness as a fairytale is pathetic – be it intentional or not.

Maybe you need this meditation guide after watching this ending!

Anyway, with this
ending in mind, we do hope that Nick ends up not chilling with Sabrina. It’s what
they deserve.

What do you guys think?
Did you guys enjoy the Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina series finale?
Do you think season 4 could’ve been better? Do you think Netflix’s famous show
could’ve stopped itself from writing the most horrendous and poor ending? Let
us know in the comment section below!

Updated January 2, 2021
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