Chris Hemsworth and Anya Taylor-Joy Join Mad Max: Fury Road Prequel Furiosa

  • POSTED ON: October 15, 2020

If you’ve seen movies
like Split and Emma, you’d know the talent powerhouse also known as Anya Taylor-Joy.
Well, the good news is that the actor has joined Chris Hemsworth on a highly
anticipated venture of Mad Max: Fury Road’s prequel titled Furiosa.

Moreover, Yahya
Abdul-Mateen is also joining the phenomenal cast. We’re not sure what exactly their
roles are as of yet but we’re sure that they’ll be just as amazing as the last

Apparently, this movie
will be following the younger version of Imperator Furiosa, initially played by
Charlize Theron. George Miller will be returning as the director and co-writer,
who is also producing the film which is fantastic! He had earlier announced
that casting began in May. 

However, we feel like
this news didn’t sit well with Charlize Theron because she described it as “heartbreaking”.

While speaking to the
Hollywood Reporter, she said
tough one to swallow. Listen, I fully respect George, if not more so in the
aftermath of making Fury Road with him. He’s a master, and I wish him nothing
but the best.”

Hemsworth is, of
course, famous for his role of Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so we’re elated to see how he performs in this movie!


Updated October 15, 2020
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