Christmas Eve Elf On The Shelf Ideas| 21 Incredible Ways to Say Goodbye to Adults During Quarantine!

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  • POSTED ON: December 24, 2020

Santa’s little spy has had a great time living at your house. As the Christmas season is coming to an end, it’s time for your elf on the shelf to go back to the North Pole. It has a list of all you did and it’s going to report everything to the big guy.

You have no idea what an elf on the shelf is? It’s okay, as it’s a pretty recent Christmas tradition. Elf on the shelf was first introduced to the world in 2005 when Carol Aebersold and her daughter Chanda Bell wrote and published a book called The on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition. The story was based on their family custom where an elf appeared to at their house after the Thanksgiving holiday to keep an eye on the children. This was done to keep the kids from being naughty.

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This custom became a popular Christmas tradition when the book won several awards in 2008. These accolades include Best Toy Award and Boo of the Year Award. What’s interesting is that the book has also inspired an animated movie, “An Elf’s Story: The Elf on the Shelf.”

Two Rules of Elf on the Shelf

The Christmas tradition has two rules that must be followed. The first being that children can’t touch the elf. If they do, Santa’s little spy will lose its magic and it won’t be able to return to the North Pole. In case the children touch it, they have to apologize to Santa by writing him a letter saying sorry. They must also sprinkle a little cinnamon powder besides the elf before going to bed.

The second rule is that the elf won’t move or speak when the children are awake. It will only move at night once everyone has gone to bed.

Elf on the Shelf Saying Goodbye to Adults

You might be surprised to hear that elf on the shelf is no longer just for children. Adults can have their own fun with Santa’s little spy. And when it’s time for him to leave you can get creative with how the elf says goodbye. Here are 21 incredible ways to say goodbye to adults during the quarantine.

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1. Hanging from The Mirror

The bathroom is the first place anyone visits after waking up in the morning, which makes it a great place for the elf to say goodbye the first thing in the day. Hang the cute little guy on one corner of the mirror and write a sweet message on the mirror using lipstick. Make sure your message isn’t giving a serial killer vibe.

2. Gingerbread House


No matter how old you get, the excitement of making and decorating a gingerbread house on Christmas stays the same. Make a cute little house for your elf and adorn it with candy and put two little elves by either side of the house. You don’t have to go out to get the supplies for the gingerbread house, order them online.

3. Emoji Notes

Emojis are the easiest way to express what you feel; they help you convey messages that might be hard to say in words. A sweet goodbye letter by the elf to your partner is one of the best ways to make them feel happy. It’s okay if the holiday season is coming to an end, we can start looking ahead to the next year.

4. Under the Tree

One of the best places to keep your elf when he’s about to leave is under the Christmas tree. You can surround them with all the presents, which are ‘parting gifts’ that the elves have brought for you. You can decorate the area under the tree with a candy cane and put a note saying goodbye with a promise to meet next year.

5. Collage Letters

Create an insta-worthy post with cutting out letters saying, ‘See you next year’. Put them together and place your elves next to them. Take a picture, edit it a little, and post it on your social media. We’re sure you’ll get plenty of likes and comments.

6. Take-off

Your elf has a long way to go, all the way from your house to the North Pole. While Santa Claus is supposed to come to pick him up, in case he forgets, your elf is going to need a plane. Create a cardboard plane for him so he can go back with a final report of his observations.

7. Candy Cane Letter

Who says letters should only be written by pen? This Christmas add a little twist to your goodbye letter from your elf on the shelf. Instead of writing a letter, create one with a candy cane. You can spell out ‘bye’ or ‘see you later,’ what’s great about this is that you and the kids can enjoy the candy later. This is one of the best quarantine elf on the shelf ideas as we celebrate Christmas for kids.

8. Up, up, and away!

A DIY hot air balloon for your elf with ornaments at the bottom. It’ll be a memorable exist and you can keep it set on a kitchen counter of the center table in your living room. Take a few selfies with it to freeze your efforts in time.

9. Hanging from the Ceiling This Time

You already had one goodbye where the elf was hanging from the bathroom mirror; now it’s time for him to be hanging from the ceiling. Don’t forget to attach a letter to its hand, saying goodbye. Make sure you put it somewhere where your family members would be able to see it first thing in the morning.

10. Sailing Cruise

If you want to have a little celebration with your elf, how about you bake a cake. A fondant cake in the shape of a cruise would be perfect for the occasion. After all, the elf also needs a ride to the North Pole. Once the goodbyes have been said, you can enjoy munching on the cake with your family and friends.

11. Going Out

One of the cutest ways to have your elf say goodbye to your family is to dress him up as if he’s about to leave for the North Pole. Put on his faux leather jacket and pack his suitcase to put next to him. Don’t have accessories for your elf, don’t worry, we know for a fact that Macy’s store is loaded with elf accessories.

12. Picture Perfect 

A creative goodbye message from the elf would be a picture story. All you have to do is sneak around at night and take pictures of your family members with the elf while they’re sound asleep. Please do it in the least creepy way possible. Then put the pictures together and write a note saying, ‘I miss you already.’

13. A Tearful Goodbye

The end of the Christmas holidays is indeed a sad event; soon everyone will have to go back to their hectic daily lives and forget all about cheerful celebrations. Your elf also has to get back to work at the North Pole and we’re sure he’ll also be feeling somber. So how about you place a tissue in its hands as it says goodbye to your family in a sweet little letter.

14. A Cookie Goodbye

If you love baking, then a creative way to say goodbye is to bake ‘GOODBYE’ shaped cookies and decorate them with sprinkles. Place your elf next to the cookies with a chef-s hat on and some flour on his face as if he just got done baking.

15. Sleigh Away

Your elf’s choice of transport would be a sleigh, so put him in a toy sleigh with a goodbye letter in hand.

16. The Winter Globe

Decorate a globe with cotton balls and point out the North Pole with a small standee, put the elf next to the globe pointing towards his destination.

17. In the Mail

Make a tiny cardboard mailbox and paint it read. Next, take a box and put your elf inside with his head sticking out. Put a stamp on the box with the destination labeled as the North Pole and stick the package in the mailbox.

18. Trash the Christmas Tree

Take toilet paper, scribble a goodbye and see you next year message on it and wrap it around your Christmas tree. It’ll be a nice little obstacle for your family that they’ll have to overcome to get to the tree.

19. Magnetic Goodbye

Take magnetic letters and draft a sweet goodbye letter to your family from the elf on the fridge.

20. Going Away Party 

After all his hard work, your elf deserves a goodbye party. Set up a mini stage, with a mic and some music in honor of your elf. You can invite your kids to other toys to the part as well.

20. Peace Out!

Take a picture of your elf with a peace out placard in his hand, print it out, and post it around your house.

These were some ideas that you can take inspiration from and do your own little elf goodbye, just don’t be too sad that the Christmas season is coming to an end. You still have New Year’s to look forward to! Cheer up!

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Updated December 24, 2020
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