Congressman Jefferson Van Drew Ignores Republican Requests for Donation Returns

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  • POSTED ON: February 1, 2020

Source: The Daily Journal

US Congressman Jefferson Van Drew switched from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party after Trump’s impeachment.

This shocking decision has led to most of his colleagues making requests for a refund on their donations.

Several members of Congress, along with the political action committees sided with Van Drew’s initial cause. However, now the Congressman intends to use the Democrat’s money to fund his pro-Republican agenda. The reports from the Federal Election Commission data suggests that Van Drew’s approaching 2020 re-election campaigns were funded by these individuals.

However, his parting with the Democrats did not go unnoticed. Many of the investors now demand their money back. In fact, many of Van Drew’s colleagues state that their requests to attain the $30,000 they initially invested, have been overlooked by the Congressman.

House Majority PAC, the liberal super PAC that aims to achieve a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, has also filed to get their money returned from the Democrat who turned Republican. A representative from the Pac reported that the request for a $2500 refund was also ignored by the Congressman.

The House Majority PAC leader, Steny Hoyer also donated around four thousand dollars to the re-election campaign. However, his call to return donations that he previously made has also been left unanswered. In addition, the Steny Hoyer, Kathleen Rice from New York, Bill Foster from Illinois, and Ted Lieu from California are also some of the investors who are waiting for Jefferson Van Drew to give them a refund.

Source: The New York Times

Despite being from the Democratic Party, Jefferson Van Drew (representing New Jersey), voted against the impeachment of President Trump. In fact, last year, he defended President Trump against impeachment in the last year.

That being said, Van Drew switched from being a Democrat to a Republican, just one day after the House impeached Trumps. He promulgated his “undying support” for Donald Trump at the time of the avail in the Oval Office of the White House.

In addition to this, Congressmen Jefferson Van Drew also made an appearance at the white-washed Trump rally held at Wildwood, New Jersey on Tuesday. At the same rally, the President publically declared his appreciation for Van Drew for leaving the ‘Deranged’ Democratic Party.

“They’re trying to steal that election,” President Trump declared, “and Jeff had the guts to defy the left-wing fanatics in his own party and to stand tall in defense of our Constitution, our freedom and democracy itself.”

Jefferson Van Drew also spoke for a brief period of three minutes at the Rally. He was joined by the White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, whose origins also lie in Southern New Jersey.

Source: Philadelphia Magazine

On the day the politics news relating to the rumours of Van Drew leaving the Democratic Party released, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee collaborated with CFO Consulting Partners, to certify that all investors would get their donations returned to them. However, when the discussions with CFO consulting partners were taking place, Jeff Van Drew switched their agency and joined Red Curve Solutions, which is a financial compliance firm that commonly works with members of the Republican Parties.

As a result of this transition, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has no other option but to directly contact the Red Curve Solutions in order to get their donations back. However, a source claims that Red Curve still hasn’t responded to return money back claims.

Updated February 1, 2020
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