Crazy Fans react to Machine Gun Kelly’s Gross Statement of Wearing Megan Fox’s Blood in a Necklace

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  • POSTED ON: February 16, 2021

dating for a little over a year, what do you suggest should be the next step?
Too soon? Should this be the stage where you wear a necklace containing your
partner’s blood? Well, why not?

Gun Kelly and Megan Fox have been going strong for the last year or so, and
they’ve recently turned their love into a bloody fest. For Valentine’s Day, MGK
(Colson Baker) posted two pictures with his girlfriend Megan Fox with the
caption “I wear your blood around my neck”.

nobody to make judgments, but when did love become so gory?

we shouldn’t be surprised considering the dating history of Colson Baker. Of
course, his romance with Megan Fox is ridiculously famous and has fans across
the globe are attuned to the gossip.

couple has been spending a sweet time with each other and both have wonderful
things to say about one another. It seems like their honeymoon period will
extend a bit longer than it normally does. But their latest antic has left all
the fans a little confused, as they’re not sure how to react.

latest declaration of love was definitely ballsy. But then he took to Instagram
and said things that were slightly problematic. Like, who in their right mind
not just wears but publicly announces that he is wearing the blood of their
valentine? Of course, people instantly compared the couple with another strange
couple of the 90s – Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob.

it’s just the way people perceive things. MGK feels that this is simply a
demonstration of love, whereas as other people feel that it’s borderline
disturbing. Few people have taken this lightly while confessing that it is
indeed a strange choice of jewelry. At the same time, this gesture has raised
eyebrows and led to a flood of messages on social media where fans are
questioning this bizarre move.

2014, Angelina Jolie had actually confessed that she and Billy used to wear
vials of each other’s blood around their necks. Of course, the confession
stunned the audiences then and they were largely creeped out by the strange
form of love and bonding.

went on to explain why he and his ex- girlfriend indulged in this strange
declaration of love. He said that this vial of blood used to make them feel
connected as they’d spend long periods of time apart due to Jolie’s strict
filming schedules.

like MGK and Megan Fox are following suit and have committed themselves to one
another and— instead of putting a ring on it— he has put blood on it.

internet fortunately still has some sane voices as they’re grossed out by the idea.
They’re not just comparing the couple to Bonnie and Clyde of the 90s, but are
also asking them to seek therapy.

comments underneath the photo were instantly filled with messages like; “Not Angelina and Billy Bob all over
” and “Kinda weird

check out these fans reactions . We’re not sure as to laugh at them or say that
love is love is love is…?

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you think this couple went a bit overboard on Valentine’s Day and they have
some really crazy fans still supporting the borderline twisted behavior? Anyway,
do let us know what you thought of the Instagram post and stay tuned to Hayvine to know more about Machine Gun Kelly Megan Fox music video, interviews, age difference, ring, Megan Fox boyfriend list and other interesting news!



Updated February 16, 2021
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