Creating the Queen’s Gambit |Netflix| Unseen Shots and Bloopers That Brought the Series to Life!

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  • POSTED ON: December 24, 2020

The Queen’s Gambit took
the world by storm, and it seems like the year might end soon but the magic
created by the miniseries will last forever.

Initially considered a
sleeper’s hit, The Queen’s Gambit continues to marvel the audience with its
unique storytelling and remarkable characterization. As you know, the series
have been adapted from a book, but let’s face it, this coming-of-age period drama
has struck a completely original chord with the audiences.

Find out what is Queen’s Gambit and Why is it so famous!

In fact, it has forced
series watchers to pick up the book from their local bookstores and engage in
reading. People have taken special interest in an otherwise “boring” game of chess.  They’ve realized so much about the game and
life of chess players (a twisted relationship between Chess and Sex) through this show!

And so, if you want
more content from the show, you must check out the 14-minute video of
behind-the-scenes which was just released by Netflix.

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The short documentary
consists of behind-the-scenes of the spectacular show. You can watch this video
to be on the inside and hear what the director of the series has to say. You
also get interviews from the makeup artist, costume designer, set decorator,
and cast members.

You get a closer look
at Beth’s journey – how she got her distinctive hair, makeup, and style. The
director and writers also discuss his fragile mental state, addictive impulses,
and intelligence. Every place that she visits is significant, which is
prominently elaborated in the short clip. We also get to see how the book got
adapted into a series for Netflix.

Do you know that The
Queen’s Gambit is the most-watched TV series of Netflix? That’s a great feat,
considering the platform has enabled series like Stanger Things, The Crown, and
Cobra Kai.

If you don’t know yet,
the show is about Beth Harmon – a chess prodigy – who battles with addiction
while continuing her quest to become the greatest chess player in the world.

The miniseries is
critically acclaimed and has made its way into all top drama series lists in
the world.

In the short video,
you’ll meet Scott Frank, the writer and director, of the show. He will discuss
his process and tell you how he was able to pull off such a complicated script
with ease. Frank is also responsible for shouldering another Netflix series
called Godless who received 12 Emmy nominations.

Anya Taylor-Joy who
plays the role of Beth Harmon so effortlessly said that it’s a show about
someone who finds it challenging to live in a world where people don’t
understand her or her special gift.

Furthermore, the “cost
of genius” is discussed in the short 14-minute clip – also the main conflict of
the show. Frank, in fact, says that Beth is the protagonist and antagonist of
the show which is a rare achievement on paper–something
they also managed to pull off on the screen.

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The Queen’s Gambit will
be a great holiday watch, in case you’ve been living under a rock and have not
found time to give it a go. Through this behind-the-scenes documentary, you get
to understand all that it took for the showrunners in creating the Queen’s

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Thus, watch this Netflix
series to understand the best of Lifestyle of a female chess player in the 60s. Happy Holidays!

Updated December 24, 2020
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