‘Cuties’ Controversy Debunked!

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: September 15, 2020

Despite the controversies, the film ‘Cuties’ is a thoughtful depiction of Adolescent pressure!

To the casual eye, the current controversy over Maïmouna Doucouré’s Cuties is a classic example of a movie being marketed as something it’s actually not!

The film depicts a story of an 11-year-old Muslim girl who lures into a fast crowd, behaving and repelling against her strict, religious upbringing. It’s a pensive exploration of adolescent pressures in a hypersexualized society.

The film’s Netflix poster features the protagonist in skimpy dance outfits and “twerking”, which caused global outrage online, accusing Netflix of promoting pro-paedophilia propaganda. But the movie has been misinterpreted before its release, and people are still hell-bent on denying the bigger picture which the movie is trying to portray: a sexual tension among teenagers in a hypersexualized environment.

Parents Television Council President, Tim Winter condemned the movie stating that “the only motivation” for releasing such a film is “to sexualize children and to fuel the appetites of those who would feed on the sexualization of children.”

I’ll say, this motive is the “only” reason why producing such a movie is a must-need! Making strict parents aware of the fact about changing hormones, sexuality, and how to tackle them! Maybe Doucoure’s flick is intended for teenage girls who are adjusting to sexuality and or their potential discomforted parents.

Of course, it’s up to girls to protect boys and men from their uncontrollable sex-drive. The concept of a girl’s coming-of-age needs should not be defined by men or boys who might consider that as an invitation to inflict harm.

I’m pretty sure that most of these people who are opposing this movie haven’t even watched and could not tolerate a subtitled film in the first place, especially like this one featuring a diversified cast of color. And to be honest, it’s a shame because apart from some misses, “Cuties” is a serious film that encourages conversations that we all should be doing when our girls are growing up!

It portrays a thought-provoking truth about race, religion, class and burgeoning sexuality in ways that conventional American media would never dare! And we can’t even blame them, considering the consequences this movie has already received!

‘Cuties’ has been a success in France with zero controversies, and applauded by many!

I’m not here to defend this movie, but denying the very fact about nature and society is not a solution to the problem at hand! Obviously, I wouldn’t enjoy seeing an 11-year-old girl twerking- only a creep would do that!

And for the sake of your own education, watch a goddamn movie first before forming an opinion! As the trailer and marketing content is highly misleading, that’s for sure!

‘Cuties’ is already on Netflix, and it would only require one click to see what’s this chaos all about. Rest assured, you probably won’t find anything in this movie which you have heard so far.

Updated September 15, 2020
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